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Shareholders will pay off for errors of banks

In the future with it it is necessary to divide burden of rescue of the financial companies

Tax bearers should not become hostages of miscalculations in the credit policy of banks. The Eurocommission considers that in case of financial crisis shareholders should divide losses of banks with them. The financial companies also want to oblige to do payments in special fund from which support of problem banks will be made.

the project of the new instruction of Eurocommission has got To order Handelsblatt on crisis management of banks. Its essence is reduced to the maximum protection of interests of tax bearers in case of crisis. Shareholders should divide burden of financial support of banks, and up to nationalisation of shares belonging to them.

In the document project, which eurocommissioner on home markets Michel Barne is going to present in November, is specified that structures of national bank supervision of the European Union countries should acquire the right to write off or cancel actions . Besides, regulators should have an opportunity to spend re-structuring of a debt at the expense of means of investors of corresponding bank.

Thus, in the future head of bank standing on the verge of bankruptcy any more will not be the owner in own house: it is supposed that regulators will have the right to replace a top - managers and fundamentally to re-structure the given financial institution . Thus along with re-structuring of debts the supervising body can move parts of balance of bank in certain intermediate bank or to sell its whole divisions, without requesting on it the consent of shareholders.

the Project of the instruction of Eurocommission provides that if it is a question of threat of insolvency of bank action of the rights of shareholders provided by the national legislation is cancelled. Besides, the authorities intend to cut down as much as possible possibilities for giving of the judicial claims directed against the state sanitation or closing of banks.

the Document suggests all European Union countries to oblige the banks to do payments in the special fund created on a case of new financial crisis. For ten years in this fund the sum corresponding not less of 0,6 % of volume of an insurance covering guaranteed by the state of contributions in the given country should be consolidated. Besides, the saved up sum should appear more than 0,12 % of debt loading of banks.

Nevertheless it is not excluded that implementation of initiatives g - on Barne, like introduction of bank norms Basel III it will be stretched for years. Therefore in immediate prospects to promote the decision of present problems of the European banks it, most likely, cannot in any way.