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Epoch of extinction of Europeans

Change of a climate by the serious reason of decline in population

On the congress of the European respiratory society the report according to which climatic changes especially threaten inhabitants of Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal becomes presented. Increase of concentration of ozone in air against abnormal heat will be the factor of increase of death rate in these countries throughout the next six decades. By expert estimations, Russia also is under blow of global warming.


Research is spent by the Swedish scientists from University Umeo. If to trust the received data, workers of medical sphere should to be going increase the efforts on health protection of people as Europeans are waited by gloomy days.

By the way, by estimations the CART, climatic changes in the world, observed with 70 - h years, by 2004 have led to additional 140 thousand to death annually. It is noticed that events occurring in the nature are reflected in cleanliness of air, potable water, a crop, and also promote distribution of deadly illnesses.

In new research scientists have analysed scenarios of emissions of hotbed gases and have estimated, as it will be reflected in environment and population health. According to conclusions, among the European countries the most dangerous increase in ozone in air, connected with greenhouse effect, next decades will occur in Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal. As ozone — it is an oxidising pollutant, it will provoke fatal cases from - for problems with respiratory system and as a whole will negatively affect health of people.

Researchers declare that air pollution — The greatest ecological threat for Europe. If it will not be undertaken actions for reduction of level of ozone the lost working hours (while the diseased will be otlezhivatsja in hospitals or at home, taking sick-lists) will start to be reflected in economy of the European states negatively.


As the senior research assistant of laboratory of ecology and wildlife management of biological faculty of the Moscow State University, Cand.Biol.Sci. Vladimir Friedman has told daily, climate change leads to the periods of a strong heat like that were observed in Italy and France in 2002 — 2003 and in Russia in 2010 - m. the Oven in which there are inhabitants of cities, sharply increases quantity of indispositions and death. The ozone increase is connected with a photochemical smog which is formed at temperature more plus 1 — 18 degrees of Celsius. Composed this negative process — a heat, a bright sunlight and automobile exhausts.

When people since morning go for work their cars throw out exhausts in which there are fuel drops, especially with nonsaturated hydrocarbons. On them the sun shines, oxidation reaction is started, and this ozone is allocated. It is necessary to remember that ozone is good, when it is high above — then it protects us from ultra-violet radiation. But when it below — in the field of our respiratory organs it ruins us, causes illnesses of respiratory system, cancer diseases. It is very harmful, as any strong oxidizer — underlines g - n Friedman.

Moreover when the photochemical smog is blown by a wind from a city, it comes on agricultural crops and reduces crops. At increase of average temperature on two - three degrees of days with a photochemical smog in a year will be twice more.


Serious danger which conceals in itself climate change, consists and in advancement on the north of diseases, characteristic for the south. Among them a malaria, a fever of the Western Nile. The matter is that warming in Northern hemisphere turns around that winters become softer and damp. As a result wintering of carriers — mosquitoes and the activator — a malarial parasite plazmodija sharply improves. The area of soft winters where the activator can survive, strongly extends.

It is actual and for our country, — Vladimir Friedman warns. — at us epidemic of a fever of the Western Nile in Volgograd and a number of other cities was already marked. Roughly speaking, the activator from Africa has been brought by birds of passage. Earlier it did not survive, and now successfully copes with this problem. And in a city there are birds who can store, be it, so to say, the tank for it — for example, ravens .