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Protection from having chopped off and dents

Doors of cars will supply with the sliding buffer

Ford Company announced technology which will rescue cars from damages on parkings. It is the first active system preventing formation of scratches and dents on doors at their careless opening.

Working out Door Edge Protector urged to protect edges of doors of cars. Its essence that at opening of a door from it the lath which acts as the buffer saving from damages a paint and varnish covering is put forward. Lath is made of special structure on the basis of the rubber, capable to maintain thousand cycles opening - closing .

Protection in width hardly less than 150 mm are instantly put forward at opening of a door and cleaned all for 60 milliseconds, allowing to slam it instantly. The system almost silently works.

It is necessary to notice that a problem having chopped off and dents as a result of opening of doors it is actual for many drivers, especially in Europe where in cities many very narrow streets, and the place of a parking for each car is very limited. The innovation and to drivers will be pleasant, whose children go by a back seat of the car.

As developers declare, system Door Edge Protector practically does not increase car weight, does not influence work of existing knots and level of protection of the car from lateral blow.

the System will appear in January, 2012 on Ford Focus. Term of occurrence of the cars equipped with it at the Russian dealers also 2012.