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Third of road jams arises from - for problems with a parking

All over the world drivers daily make the big efforts for search of a free parking space. Corporation IBM has conducted the first global research of automobile parkings and has interrogated motorists in 20 cities worldwide. It was found out that more than 30 % of stoppers arise from - that motorists create obstacles in road when search for an empty seat for parking.

Research IBM has shown that drivers as in developed, and developing countries face the same problem - search of an empty seat for a parking. On the average all over the world drivers spend 20 minutes for search of a desired parking lot. Drivers spent the maximum time for this hard problem in Madrid (on the average - 25,4 mines), Paris (25 mines), Mexico City (24,8 mines) and Beijing (23,6 mines). In Moscow on the average interrogated speak about 19,1 minutes. However 20 % interrogated named figure from 21 till 30 minutes, is informed in a press - release IBM.

Abundantly clear that the stressful condition and feeling of irritation not only daily trips all over the world cause in motorists on a city, but also and parking lot search, - Andrey Tikhonov, the sales manager, IBM to Russia and the CIS speaks. - it is simple to understand that the problems connected with parkings, can influence working capacity of townspeople and business - possibilities in a city .

So, more than half of drivers in 16 of 20 cities are indignant that at least once for a year they had to leave in absolutely other place and to park there. So 80 % of drivers in Shenchzhene, 74 % in Beijing, 73 % in Singapore and Mexico City and 69 % in Madrid, for example, arrived. On the other hand, many respondents in Chicago (63 %), Stockholm (62 %), Montreal (58 %) and Toronto (57 %) seldom faced such difficulties.

Results of poll IBM has generalised in a kind the Index of Parkings (Parking Index). To each city the company has appropriated the value depending on psychological and economic losses from - for problems with automobile parkings. The above an index, the worse in a city with parkings. The best situation with parkings among the interrogated cities - in Chicago, it followed by Los - Andzheles and Toronto. Worst of all business is in Nju - Delhi, Bangalore, Beijing, Moscow, Shenzhene and Paris.

the Consequence of a problem with a parking becomes disputes of motorists for the chosen place. So, approximately 27 % of motorists all over the world have informed that last year they were got involved in dispute with other drivers from - for a free parking space. Most of all argued from - for it in Nju - Delhi (58 %), Bangalore (44 %), Nairobi (43 %), Milan (37 %). In Moscow and Beijing dispute entered on 34 % of the interrogated drivers. Drivers of Chicago, Los - Andzhelesa, Stockholm and Montreal have appeared the most counterbalanced and not disputed people.