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Chamber 4

Public chamber smooth out from the people who have quarrelled with the power

the Updated list of members of Public chamber, confirmed by the president, has allowed an occasion to experts to declare that the chamber definitively ceases to play an essential role in political system of the country. It is left by the people, which distances an occasion of the power not to love itself, and come new, that charity was to whom to be engaged . Only Moscow teacher who has destroyed the standard of Fursenko became an exception.

Dmitry Medvedev has confirmed the updated structure of Public chamber which will work the next two years. From appreciable updatings it is possible to name the teacher of Russian and the literature of the Moscow school 57, the author of the post card to the Minister of Education under whom in February of this year have put the signatures more than 23 thousand persons. In the message of Wolves rigidly criticised the project of Federal state educational standards.

Postupok Volkova completely corresponds to chamber problems - directly to inform to the power the information on problems in the country, Mark Urnov, the chairman of fund of analytical programs " speaks; Examination . Thus he recognises that the Public chamber does not render any special democratic influence on existing political system. but better such body, than anything - he argues.

On a number of surnames of change have occurred as under a carbon paper. On change to one director, Pavel Lunginu, another has come - young theatrical director Vasily Barhatov. The vice-president of Federation of fencing of Russia Pavel Kolobkov has not entered into the list, but there was a vice-president of the Union of skaters of Russia Nikolay Guljaev. Also the leader the First channel Maxim Shevchenko was replaced by its colleague Peter Tolstoy.

it has not appeared in the list of the head of Fund of an effective policy of Gleb Pavlovsky who has become, by its own words, a victim of intense relations between Dmitry Medvedev`s commands and prime minister Vladimir Putin and dismissed for this reason in April from the Kremlin.

has most loudly issued the parting with a status post galerist and political strategist Marat Gelman. A day before official publication of the list he has written at itself(himself) in a blog that it medved by the way too has dismissed also has opened the reason - from - for one vasi . Authors ZHZH familiar with a situation have deciphered later that speech here went about the president of the Russian Federation and head Rosmolodezhi Vasily Jakemenko.

occurrence in chamber of singer Diana Gurtsky became long-awaited. Echoing political strategists, she has told daily that, in its opinion, the chamber should undergo essential changes: After all the main functions of chamber not examination of bills, and work with simple people to become some kind of a link between the person and the power. I go much and I know, how many the humiliated and offended people and if I can help something to them I will consider it as the big victory .

In chamber of the new sample there was again a president Interros Vladimir Potanin, which else in 2008-2009 worked on a field of this public organisation shoulder to shoulder with Alla Pugachevoj and Zurab Tsereteli. Here there was a question, wanted or Potanin did not want to return to Public chamber, but, probably, there is nobody without g - on Potanin to be engaged in charities - Vyacheslav Nikonov, the president of fund " shares; the Policy a former member of chamber.

the Political scientist notices that Public chamber at us oddish . After all initially essence OP wrote off with European socially - the economic union (the official body of EU which unites so-called socially - the economic committees existing in 27 countries of Europe), but in Europe is a question of representation in this body socially - economic groups of interests basically representatives of trade unions, and at us OP represents professional groups of interests and a special role does not play - he speaks.