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State purchases have not recovered

Departments have decided to send the law on the next completion

Today interdepartmental working group on preparation of a package of bills on the state order reforming, created by the government two weeks ago from - for prolonged dispute of regulators, should present to the White house the consolidated document on system of state purchases. However, as it became known daily, departments and have not agreed in opinion.

In sphere of state purchases it is necessary to establish a uniform cycle of regulation. It already all is recognised. Departments disperse in how to move to this design - Olga Anchishkina has told daily the director of department FKS. As she said, the document still needs time for completion, concrete terms profile group were not considered yet.

Now we removed disagreements, first of all with the Ministry of Finance and FAS. To this law also there is a good volume of offers of interested departments which have supported us, regions. There are certain results of public discussion which goes very structurally. It too should be overworked - she speaks.

Key disagreements remained - the head of department of control of placing of state order FAS Michael Evraev was short. The main thing from them consists in, whether it is necessary to create the new separate law or to do amendments to existing 94 - FZ, to Budgetary and Civil codes.

the History with uncertainty with the legislation in sphere of state purchases will be stretched still at least till November. And today departments it is simple - naprosto will declare that work goes, but the total position is not developed yet - has told daily a source familiar with a situation. Earlier at once some interlocutors daily in ministerial circles declared that the head of Ministry of economic development and trade Elvira Nabiullina has sent to the government the letter with the request to postpone total consideration of the law about FKS till November, 1st.

Experts explain prolonged discussion of the bill not only disagreements between FAS and the MAYOR, but also antipublic relations becoming more active recently - as against 94 - FZ in the version of department of Igor Artemyev, and against the law about FKS performed by Elvira Nabiullina`s subordinates. In particular, the day before social movement Young lawyers of Russia has dispatched on mass-media the information on the written reference to the Prime minister with the request to pay attention on sounding to FKS to the critic . Active workers have called all lawyers and the businessmen concerning system of state purchases, Urgently to pay attention to occurring events, to study and offers of Ministry of economic development and trade on FKS, and project FAS to express in all possible ways the relation to an event and to inform the position in the government.

At the same time the interlocutor daily, familiar with a situation, has informed that in the White house have decided to take for a basis of the future state purchasing legislation the version of Ministry of economic development and trade. the option should be given the customer, but at the same time its duties " will increase; - it has explained. Herein the interdepartmental group should finish the document.