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Day of open treasury

Investors do not believe that Anton Siluanovu will manage to defend Alexey Kudrin`s budget

I an island of Minister of Finance Siluanov has promised not to change a policy of the Ministry of Finance and to concentrate on optimisation of expenses and decrease in risks of default of the budget. But experts are afraid that Alexey Kudrin`s resignation at the height of budget discussion on the nearest trehletku threatens with increase in deficiency of state treasury.

the Policy of the Ministry of Finance will be aimed at decrease in risks of default of the budget, has declared and. An island of the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, having underlined that department will continue the course chosen before. we should not increase expenses without corresponding sources of filling of the budget - has sounded one of the main theses eks - heads of the Ministry of Finance its temporary successor.

the Basic risk of default of the budget remains former - a price conjuncture in foreign markets. To take measures on maintenance of equation of the budget it is necessary in case the forecast of the prices for oil at level 100 dollars for barrel will not justify. In quality additives from the time head of the Ministry of Finance it is possible to consider only possible revision of parametres of subsidising of branches of economy and separate regions.

Experts say what to expect other words from the time minister and did not follow. just occurrence of radical innovations would be unequivocally negative signal for the markets - the analyst " considers; Allianz ROSNO Management of actives Ariel Black. any attempts to change a format kudrinskogo the ministries will lead to adverse consequences for it. The purpose of Siluanova - market stabilisation, and it in every possible way shows that a former course still in force, even if it not so - the general director of the Center of the political information Alexey Mukhin agrees.

From the Minister of Finance fulfilling duty early to expect a sharp course change though in the conditions of an astable conjuncture the Minister of Finance carries out a key role in economy - the director of the centre of macroeconomic researches of group BDO in Russia Elena Matrosova considers, adding that waited from the official of more progressive approach. As the sphere of improvement of mechanisms of efficient control the state finance while represents nepahannoe a field.

However Alexey Kudrin`s resignation has already caused negative reaction in the retail market. The western investors had a fear that the new Minister of Finance cannot contain growth of budgetary expenses and it will lead to increase in volume of expenditure of various departments. Finally it will increase budgetary deficiency, will cause growth of incomes of citizens that will cause growth of appeal of the companies in retail sphere, writes Bloomberg.

the Similar point of view was expressed also by supervisor of studies VSHE Evgenie Yasin who has declared that resignation of the head of the Ministry of Finance Alexey Kudrin at the height of budget discussion on the nearest trehletku threatens with excessive growth of expenses and budgeted deficit increase .