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Aslan Cherkesov who has Killed the fan was involved earlier in a criminal liability

Aslan Cherkesov accused of murder from a traumatic pistol spartakovskogo of fan Egor Sviridov as has found out daily four times, four times appeared in criminal cases. However each time all affairs were closed on reconciliation of the parties. Experts and sources in law enforcement bodies say that it could be promoted by related communications of Cherkesova in local militia.

In Moscow City Court almost two months the sensational case about Egor Sviridov`s murder obeys. 28 - the summer football fan was lost in Moscow on the night of December, 6th, 2010. Under the version of the investigation, Egor`s company was attacked by six natives from the North Caucasus. During fight native Kabardino - Balkarii Aslan Cherkesov has shot to Sviridov at a head and a stomach from a traumatic pistol. From the received wounds the fan has died on the spot.

Circassians of the fault does not recognise. As he said, travmatiku it used only for self-defence. Recently it was found out that Circassians has obtained the permit to a pistol illegally. In May of this year eks - the chief of licence branch of the Department of Internal Affairs of Nalchik Nurdin Kuzhev has been accused of a negligence on the given fact.

As has found out daily, local law enforcement bodies could play considerably the big role in destiny of Cherkesova. According to an evidence, against it criminal cases were four times raised. Each time victims refused claims to it, and business was closed in connection with reconciliation with the defendant.

In 2002 17 - summer Aslan has tried to steal from salon “ Fields “ a radio tape recorder, but has been detained on a scene of crime by the passing by militiaman. Business has been raised under article “ Attempt at theft “. Circassians fault completely recognised. But then an autoradio tape recorder have estimated at residual cost - all in 600 rbl. And the owner of the car has refused claims.

In a year of Circassians again has come into the view of militiamen when has struck 14 - the summer girl who has not accepted its courtings. From blow it has fallen, having hit a head about asphalt then it has struck to it one more blow. Actions have been regarded by inspectors as hooliganism, and Circassians in all has confessed. Later the beaten girl has declared the petition for the criminal case termination in connection with reconciliation with the defendant.

In 2007, according to an evidence, it with three friends (two minors and Circassians - the senior) have decided to steal VAZ - 2107. All four have been detained in settlement where the car has been stolen, and became accused on criminal case about stealing. However and this time Circassians has avoided punishment, and again car thieves managed to reconcile with the proprietress of a stolen car.

a year later a hot hand of Cherkesova the taxi driver has got. “ Circassians, having been drunk, during the arisen quarrel from Sozarukovym R. R has deliberately put it some blows by fists on the person. As a result to that have been caused: the closed crisis of bones of a nose, a head graze, bruises... “ - it is informed in the fourth criminal case raised against Cherkesova. The taxi driver has spent month in hospital, but it has not prevented it on an exit there and then to forgive beaten it.

in 2010 patrolmen have stopped the car without registration number, at the wheel which it has appeared Circassians, and in salon have found out a cartridge of calibre of 5,45 mm later. This incident was not reflected in any way in destiny of the driver.

All these crimes have been made by Cherkesovym in Nalchik­, even before its moving to Moscow. “ about that on caucasus all solve communications, know all who has lived there though short time, - lawyer Igor Kustov speaks. - If representatives of law-enforcement system Kabardino - Balkarii have shown the big rigidity and have finished at least one of affairs to logic ­ end, Egor Sviridov`s murders could be avoided “.