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Officials who refuse to give to citizens of state service will fine for refusal in granting to citizens of state services of officials

, should pay the penalty at a rate of 3 — 5 thousand rbl., informs referring to the statement of the deputy minister of economic development of the Russian Federation of Oleg Fomitchyov. Heads of these officials are waited too by punishment — them will fine on 30 — 50 thousand rbl.

As were specified by Oleg Fomitchyov, now in the State Duma the bill assuming introduction of administrative responsibility of state employees for an unaccordance or poor-quality granting of state services is considered. Sanctions concerning officials will operate, in particular, if they break terms of granting of state services or will unreasonably refuse reception of statements from citizens.

For heads of such officials similar sanctions, but in 10 are provided times more. For the sum from 30 thousand to 50 thousand rbl. The one will be fined who will support the subordinates in case of unreasonable decisions. It is planned that the Office of Public Prosecutor will be thus involved also. That is at revealing of an administrative offence from the concrete official the information will go to Office of Public Prosecutor.

Oleg Fomitchyov also has noticed that in the law About the organisation of granting of the state and municipal services the order of the pre-judicial appeal will be entered. In particular, all procedure of giving of complaints by citizens will be registered: in what department it should be considered, how the decision and so on is made.