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Rolf the dealer has returned itself profit

In the first half of the year has earned 3,6 mlrd roubles

Restoration of the domestic automobile market has allowed autodealers to correct the financial position. The dealer holding largest in Russia Rolf in the first half of the year has increased a gain almost twice and has received 3,6 mlrd rbl. of net profit against losses year before.

the Gain Rolfa in the first half of the year on MSFO has made 55,26 mlrd rbl. that in 1,9 times more than for the similar period of 2010. Thus incomes of realisation of cars have grown twice - with 23,4 mlrd to 47,9 mlrd rbl. Indicator EBITDA has grown in 3,5 times, to 4,74 mlrd rbl., profitability on EBITDA has made 8,5 %. The company Net profit in the first half of the year of current year has made 3,6 mlrd rbl. against a loss in 1,5 mlrd rbl. year before. I am assured that the tendency will turn to a steady trend and will allow the company to strengthen following the results of a year liderskie positions in the market - the chief executive " has declared; Rolf Igor Salita.

Sales Rolfa in January-June, 2011 have grown on 77 %, to 60,3 thousand cars, thus that as a whole the market has grown on 56 %. However, indicators Rolfa include sales distribjutorskogo divisions Rolf Import (Mitsubishi brand), retail division (11 brands) and second-hand cars. Thus, as it is marked in the reporting Rolfa distribution of cars of Mitsubishi has provided to holding of 41 % of a gain and 65 % EBITDA.

Certainly, company indicators say that dealer business for last year was stabilised, but it is not necessary to forget and that Rolf - One of leaders of the market with very balanced grocery ruler, therefore to do conclusions about to average temperature on hospital of course, it is not necessary - FG BKS operating actives Nikolay Solabuto argues. In its opinion, that fact that about 40 % of incomes " is very indicative; Rolfa provide Mitsubishi cars, demand on which recently dews with advancing rates. According to Association of the European business (AEB), Mitsubishi company realised for the first half of the year of current year in the Russian market of 35 thousand cars that on 135 % more than for the similar period of last year.

Rolf expects to keep high dynamics of growth of financial indicators and following the results of all 2011. growth of consumer confidence and development of financial tools promote market returning to pre-crisis sales volumes in the nearest three - four years - it is assured g - n by Salita.