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Space preferences

Klaster wants to place industrial platforms in Petersburg OEZ

In branch territory It is new - Oryol the Petersburg special economic zone within the next year the enterprises new Petersburg klastera manufacturers of space technics, technologies and services can take place. Participants klastera - 11 Petersburg enterprises and scientific research institute - are assured that preferences for residents OEZ become the attractive factor for investors who will want to put up money in commercialisation of scientific workings out.

the First enterprise klastera can already begin work in OEZ next year, the chairman of the council of noncommercial partnership " counts; severo - the European space consortium (NP SEKK ) Oleg Ipatov. From scientific workings out of the enterprises - participants klastera it is already selected nearby 25 which during half a year will take place an estimation of possibility of commercialisation. In this time the partner SEKK - the company Vestkom which already works in branch OEZ territory It is new - Oryol should develop the project of an industrial complex. While preliminary arrangements on allocation of a site are reached only, the object areas become clear after the statement of the workings out planned to start in manufacture. Oleg Ipatov considers as the most perspective direction laser technologies.

According to the agreement which has been signed yesterday on Sankt - the Petersburg international innovative forum, the structure klastera will include KB the Arsenal and MZ the Arsenal Joint-Stock Company the Arsenal 207 BGTU Voenmeh KBSM, GNTS the Russian Federation TSNII RTK, Open Society HK Leninets The Petersburg branch of the Russian academy of astronautics of Tsiolkovsky, corporation Rospolitehsoft VPO ITMO, television scientific research institute, GUAP, SZMO Federation of astronautics of Russia .

Oleg Ipatov is assured that investors who should put means in commercialisation of workings out of the companies - participants klastera, the privileges given in OEZ should involve. Ready projects will apply also for state support, Oleg Ipatov reminds that, for example, on creation of the small innovative enterprises in the budget of the Russian Federation next year the President of a group of companies " is planned to provide more than 2 mlrd rbl.

; Bi Pitron which also will join to klasteru, Leonid Zilberburg notices that the partnership will allow the companies which while are known only in a narrow segment of the industry, to become more known in the market, to advance the workings out in other spheres. Part of the manufacture connected with space, we also expect to transfer from Vyborg in OEZ, at the expense of privileges it will be much more favourable - he considers.