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the Organizer of the auctions - Open Company TREJD - informs that 08. 02. 12 the open auctions with the closed form of giving of the offer at the price on realisation of a complex of property Open Society " have not taken place; the Integrated poultry farm Bezenchuksky also informs on carrying out 28. 03. 12 in 13. 00 Moscow time. In the electronic form in a network the Internet to the address: www. utender. ru the repeated open auctions with the closed form of giving of the offer at the price on realisation a uniform prize a complex of property of Open Society the Integrated poultry farm Bezenchuksky . The price of a prize for ten percent below the initial price specified at the initial auctions. The structure of a prize and other conditions of tender are published in the newspaper from 24. 12. 11 242 the message 63030024491 , the newspaper from 28. 12. 2011 244 the message 63030024934 , the newspaper the Volga commune from 24. 12. 11 482 the message 122401 and on a site of an electronic platform. Application forms for participation in the auctions with applied documents move by means of system of electronic document circulation on a site: http:// www. utender. ru c 9:00 Moscow time. 20. 02. 12 till 18:00 Moscow time. 27. 03. 12 also should correspond to requirements FZ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) Order MERT the Russian Federation from 15. 02. 2010 54. The deposit at a rate of 20 % from the initial price of a prize is brought by uniform payment and should arrive not later 27. 03. 12 on the settlement account of the organizer of the auctions 40702810600900000513 in the Samara branch TKB (Joint-Stock Company) Samara, to/ with 30101810000000000875, BIK 043602875. Leading of results of the auctions - 28. 03. 12.