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“ First of all it is necessary to convince clients that they will not be thrown any more “

the general director of company Alfa Cento Ltd Maxim Kolosov, new importer Alfa Romeo in Russia

In December Alfa Romeo, entering into Fiat autoconcern Considers, has officially presented the new Russian importer. To them became sankt - the Petersburg company Alfa Cento Ltd. It already the third attempt of the Italian mark to be fixed in Russia. Before its partners were: with 2003 for 2006 — the Moscow representation of Fiat Auto S. p. A, and with 2006 - go on the beginning of 2010 — automobile holding Major. In both cases of sale of cars Alfa Romeo stopped from - for low demand.

In conversation with the correspondent daily DMITRY PANOVYM head Alfa Cento Ltd Maxim KOLOSOV has told about why he was engaged in development of this legendary brand with so unsuccessful history in our country, and about difficulties with which expects to face on a way to realisation of the ideas.

a party Line

— Why you undertook development Alfa Romeo? Judging by mark history to Russia, this business here vysokoriskovannyj.

— In Russia this mark is underestimated, it nezasluzhenno have deprived of attention. When - that I worked with a brand of Jaguar which too is in nishevom a segment, and I can tell that at Alfa Romeo potential more than at it (according to AEB, for 11 months 2011 of sale of Jaguar in Russia have made 1014 pieces. — daily).

— What potential you see at Alfa Romeo in Russia?

— If the company from the very beginning of the presence in the Russian market harmoniously developed and did not leave from it today on it would be on sale about 4 thousand cars a year.

— How you consider, when the company can leave on such volumes?

— Through three - four years.

— When you have started to carry on negotiations from Fiat for possibility to become importer Alfa Romeo in Russia?

— In the beginning of 2009.

As it has occurred?

— Initially we planned to receive simply dilerstvo ­ and have stated Fiat the ideas about mark development. In concern they were pleasant, and negotiations have been continued. By then Fiat already had disagreement with the operating importer (Major. — daily), and to us have suggested to develop business - the plan for mark development in all territory of Russia. Our command has conducted market researches, and we have approached to importerskomu to the contract. That for problems then were at the operating importer, I did not begin to find out.

the Owner “ Rolf “ Sergey Petrov later to me has told: “ that you have received this contract in St.-Petersburg, this already big achievement. How you managed to convince them? “ in the sense that usually it occurs in Moscow, and here … of course, it was pleasant To me to hear it but while we have made only the first steps. Now it is necessary to build all correctly. Ahead the big routine work.

— Why Alfa Romeo, creating beautiful cars, till now has not got accustomed in Russia?

— the Main reason — this absence of dealer investments into car-care centre and an aftersales service. The previous dealers came and left, but did not leave after itself any heritage. Possibly, they expected to earn at first on sales, and then already to put in development posleprodazhnogo service, from - for what did not lead up this process to end. Now in the market of a rule became more rigid­. The strong motor-car manufacturer any more will not allow to open only one show - rum: it is necessary to build the high-grade centre.

I Remember, when we sold Jaguar cars — and we were the first in Peter who with them has started to work, — at first they very badly were on sale. But anyhow we put in service, tried to load it and as a result have left after myself a good heritage. Now we again should sustain a difficult period when service is difficult for loading, and cars is on sale a little.

— That is Fiat at last has stated to the importer the accurate requirements?

— No. Ourselves do it, because we know that other way simply is not present. At us this question as all understood was not discussed at all with Fiat that ourselves are obliged in this direction to operate more actively.

Then that if not your initiative Alfa Romeo till now would not be in Russia. After all in concern of the big aspiration did not show.

— During that moment, probably, is not present.

I repeatedly heard from the Moscow dealers that from Fiat it is heavy to work, as the company does not have distinct strategy of development in Russia. So, it had an accurate strategy concerning brand Alfa Romeo in Russia? Or it in it is more on you it is necessary?

— Always I think so: “ they have a plan And and the plan In “. But then I add: “ No, for certain at them also the plan With is “ (laughs). Also I do not think that it on us is necessary.

At Fiat now a difficult situation, and in the Italy. The manufacturer tests there very strong pressure from the government, trade unions, the tax service and etc. does not suffice Its huge enterprises freedom in many affairs. Besides, the last some years of Fiat were in process of Chrysler purchase. And hundreds the people participating in him, plainly did not know, than as a result it is all will end, and if the transaction takes place what particularly to do then. Though, of course, the ideologist of this process g - n Markione from the global point of view does all correctly. Fiat receives many platforms and can enter now in off road, gets a huge commodity market, and also it has a possibility to optimise the taxation.

Certainly when the company does not have accurate line of party, and you during this moment appear with it in partnership, to work hard. And they said to me that, maybe, it is not necessary to risk: “ If you want, wait “. And from the point of view of business really there are many questions and complexities because at the company process of consolidation is not finished and updating of lineup Alfa Romeo is suspended. But when such serious transactions are made, it can be understood. And then, at us too so it has turned out: the command has gathered and there is a general interest. Illusions I do not build. Today we importers, and tomorrow, probably, Fiat will come. Anything in it terrible is not present. Eventually, the main thing that this mark was not lost in Russia.

— That is first of all you moves enthusiasm. And you anyway continue to work with this mark?

— Yes, we will continue. We have dealer rights on which we can count. By the way, why Alfa Romeo is not present in the USA? Because there there are no enthusiasts­. Nobody will go to this business if there is no drive. After all it is necessary to understand that today profitability will be low.

Proceeding from it it is possible to assume that your project — it for Fiat is more experiment.

— Probably. And it can be understood. After all to experiment much more comfortably the enthusiasts, ready something to enclose, than, say, most to enter the market, without having accurate understanding of a situation on it. For it it is better, than anything.

Products and the prices

— Today grocery portfolio Alfa Romeo in Russia is made by only two models — MiTo and 159 - I. It critically is not enough. When expect its expansion? What about it speak in Fiat?

— There speak about it very carefully. But we are absolutely assured that Alfa Romeo will restore the former traditional lineup and still will decorate it by means of Chrysler with crossovers or off-road cars. I think that it will occur in the nearest two - three years. That is if when - that was 166 - I model its follower now prepares.

However today 159 - I still quite adequate, on it am demand. MiTo — it in general a new product, and with it, by the way, more difficult.

— to It three years...

— Yes, but its class, a so-called special small premium, for Russia while new and to form under it the market uneasy. On the one hand, its potential buyers — active youth, and with another — I know aged people who too are ready to buy this car.

To whom these models will compete in Russia?

— For MiTo the basic competitor — it Mini, Audi A1 and Citroen DS3. And 159 - I will be traditional to compete to BMW 3 - j series, Mercedes With - a class and Audi A4.

the Price which you have established, still will be corrected in the near future?

— These prices absolutely competitive, and we demanded from the manufacturer that such they and were. For today proceeding from age of models of competitors our prices should be hardly more low. However, this year the factory can raise a little cost price, therefore and retail price can change. Besides if the rouble returns the position we, of course, will lower the price. The WTO too can affect the prices.

Another matter that Volkswagen which owns Audi, and BMWs have manufacture in Russia. It gives the chance to them to offer some models at more favourable price.

I Think that 159 - I should be much cheaper, than BMW. Otherwise it will be the weak competitor for 3 - j series.

— But at us and so there are no chances to catch up with BMW, at least in the nearest five-years period. G - n Markione ­ declared that Alfa Romeo plans to leave for volume of output to 400 thousand cars a year. Now them than hundred are issued hardly more. But even at such volumes we cannot put such ambitious problems before the Russian market which Trading puts BMW Rusland.

Thus, you will earn trust of the consumer at the expense of quality of an aftersales service?

— First of all it is necessary to convince clients that they will not be thrown any more. After all before was as? Has bought the car, and the dealer suddenly did not become. Once the such has occurred, the second time... And from here and hearings that Alfa Romeo breaks or still something...

— How you will convince them of it?

— my command will be engaged in It. I, in turn, should convince the colleagues that we will invest in this program and that trusts us to Fiat. Well and that now disturbs you? Pass on our station and look at it.

Certainly, we will go to children from “ the Alpha - club “ towards. They not clients of today, but, it is obvious that clients tomorrow`s. The dealer is it partly all the same, or it is not present, but they are offended by that the mark does not worry about them. They need to prove that she thinks of them.

And now is not present such that people came into show - rum and spoke: “ I do not like design “. The price of many does not frighten, a question in restoration of other important criteria. For example, what will be residual cost. Clients ask, it will fall or not.

— And you as think?

— If it will be possible to take root well on the market and to find audience, cost will keep. If is not present, will decrease. But all the same high-grade estimations appear when in the market there are volumes.

— What quotas have given to you for 2012?

— So the question now is not necessary. We should do re-plannings on volumes which will depend on how the dealer network will develop and whether will allow to us it to build independently. We estimate potential of the market in 700 — 800 cars.

the Plan for four years

— What volume of your investments?

— On importersky the project which is painted on three - four years, — to 10 million euro. For this period we plan to be fixed in the market, and also to leave on self-support and nominal profitability.

— And building?

— We should construct one more enterprise in Moscow.

— Consider, what on all it will suffice you so much money? In Moscow building very much zatratnoe.

— I very often hear in a car business the overestimated figures on construction. We planned that the centre with HUNDRED throughput twice is more than it where we now are (car centre Alfa Cento in St.-Petersburg on Moskovsky prospectus. — daily), will manage approximately in 5 million euro.

And by the way, at us mark not such zatratnaja as many other things, and the big car-care centre is not necessary to us.

— And here what throughput?

— Sales of cars to 300 units in year, the service centre with five posts. For Alfa Romeo it is a lot of. We and in two their years still completely will not load.

— That is own centres will be two — in Moscow and this in Peter. And how many they are planned everything, including the independent?

— Two in Peter, the covering north and the south, and four in Moscow. We will not try to put tags in different cities. First of all it is necessary accurately spozitsionirovat a brand and its products. In first three years we will be focused only on Moscow and Peter, we will build the high-grade dealer enterprises, and it is better, that they were separate that clients Alfa Romeo could feel comfortable­. When I was engaged in Jaguar, very much it was pleasant to our buyers separate monobrendovyj car centre. When Ford has started to sell Volvo, Land Rover and Jaguar in one place, clients have been terribly afflicted.

— When the project leaves on a recoupment?

— During two - three years.

— And when plan the 10 million euro to return?

— Within three years we will put also five years to return. If Fiat gives us possibility completely to fulfil our project in eight years there will be a full return of investments.

— service Cost will be less, than at German competitors?

— It will be much more accessible. The next three years on 15 — 20 %.

— And with spare parts most likely there will be a problem.

— Yes. While market filling small hold on the commodity rests a large quantity of details we are unable. Therefore now it is necessary to build fast logistics. Today we keep within three weeks. The problem costs — in two weeks. Certainly, still there is an express train - deliveries — three - four days but then sharply jumps up detail cost.

Certainly, there can be unexpectedness. For example, when the car has had an accident, any special details can be necessary. On the other hand, on their delivery will leave time not less, than on the coordination of a damage with the insurance company.

— If you compete to BMW you should be guided by their level of work with clients.

— it is obvious that we should watch their level, but I did not notice there something radical. Moreover, I faced there another — with prosecution if it is possible so to be expressed. When tebe replacements unnecessary your car and repairs are constantly imposed. That is, on the one hand, before you unostentatious and beautiful service, and with another — under a coffee cup there is a creation of additional cost. And under the never-ending scenario. And more often behind it costs active posleprodazhnyj marketing. But to condemn it it is impossible. It is business. However I in it the supporter of optimum balance.