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As oil in cheese

Gennady Onishchenko did not like structure of Ukrainian dairy production

After days after the statement of Ukraine for reduction of purchases of the Russian gas the main health officer of Russia Gennady Onishchenko has stated claims to quality of the Ukrainian cheeses. According to head Rospotrebnadzora, it has sharply decreased in connection with palm-oil use by cheese manufacture. On a department site the list from nine Ukrainian factories has been published, whose production will be captiously watched now by Onishchenko. The Ukrainian experts name its claims decided and absurd .

the Cheese question in mutual relations of Russia and Ukraine grew ripe for a long time. Representatives of the Russian unions of manufacturers of dairy products last year wrote references to the Ministry of Agriculture with the request to limit import of the Ukrainian cheeses. They asserted that the Ukrainian companies under the pretext of cheese import into Russia so-called cheese products made with palm-oil addition. Suspicions to Russians added also that fact that at essential reduction of volumes of output of milk Ukraine simultaneously increased volumes of deliveries of the cheese to Russia.

Yesterday the attention to a problem of the Ukrainian cheese was turned also by the main health officer of Russia. On an official site of Rospotrebnadzora the document " has been published; About measures on maintenance of the rights and legitimate interests of consumers by deliveries of dairy products from Ukraine . In the document concern is expressed by quality of production imported from Ukraine and the list from nine enterprises contains, whose cheeses have caused anxiety in Gennady Onishchenko. Rospotrebnadzor initiated check of Ukrainian dairy production which can lead to that through court the cheeses put to Russia will withdraw.

the Ukrainian experts name Russian side claims decided, and the list of unfair suppliers - made up . the List of the Ukrainian enterprises, whose cheeses have caused suspicions at g - on Onishchenko, us has surprised, - the director of the Ukrainian branch news agency " has declared daily; Infagro Vasily Vintonjak. - Half from the enterprises resulted in the list at all do not deliver cheese to Russia. One permissions because of absence on delivery, others - because only have opened recently also their activity could not check up yet, the third and at all do not make cheese, specialising on other dairy products .

By words g - on Vintonjaka, Ukraine has really essentially increased manufacture of cheese products with the maintenance of vegetative fats. However our exporters do not risk to carry to Russia cheap cheese products, this market is very valuable, and nobody wants it to lose, - has noted in conversation with daily g - n Vintonjak. - As for sale of cheese products there is Kazakhstan and Moldova where them concern more loyally .

According to news agency Infagro the total amount of manufacture of cheese (including cheese products) in Ukraine in 2011 has made a 193 thousand order t, from which 61 thousand t has been exported to Russia. According to the Russian analytical centre Infomoloko the share of the Ukrainian cheeses in the Russian market in 2011 has made 8,5 %, thus the volume of import from neighbouring country has increased by 4,6 % by 2010.

We regard last statements as desire of Russia to limit access on the market of the Ukrainian agricultural products - has declared g - n Vintonjak. As the cheese conflict Has arisen against statements of the Ukrainian management for reduction half purchases of the Russian gas that has allowed an occasion to a number of commentators to assume that the statement of Onishchenko has been dictated by desire to put economic pressure upon neighbouring country.

However the chairman of the board of the National union of manufacturers of milk Andrey Danilenko considers that in the statement of Rospotrebnadzora it is not necessary to search a political component. this problem, unfortunately, exists not only concerning the Ukrainian cheeses, but also in our home market - he has told daily. By words g - on Danilenko, the branch union conducts active work on revealing of the cheese made with use of vegetable oils, and among the Russian companies. The expert has agreed with an estimation of the Ukrainian colleague who have expressed opinion that an order of 25 % of cheese both in Russia, and in Ukraine are made with palm-oil use that reduces the product cost price to third.