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Enka the Developer at last leaves a retail

has found the buyer on Sitistory in the name of Billa

the Season of transactions M &A in the retail market this year, seemingly, will be opened by company Billa. As it became known daily, Austrian ritejler has submitted the petition en face about network purchase Sitistor (before Ramstor ) . It is a question of 17 objects with different pattern of ownership. The owner of this network, Turkish developer Enka, gradually leaves grocery business since 2007. The transaction price on purchase Billa Sitistorov the Federal antimonopoly service can make to 100 million dollars

In the end of December, 2011 has received petitions from company Billa on acquisition of 100 % of shares of Open Company Mmos and Open Company Dmos . They are included into one group with a trading network Sitistor . It is a question of more than ten objects which belong to got societies on the property rights and rent. Detailed specifications en face yet do not give - petitions still completely are not studied, have declared daily in antimonopoly service. The companies have refused comments on this question.

Usually occurrence of similar petitions en face testifies that negotiating process of two networks is already in a serious stage. After antimonopolshchiki will study shares both ritejlerov in the market, they can start to reflect on the transaction price in more details. The matter is that FAS can give out the instruction about closing of some points if it will be found out that the share ritejlera in any region exceeds 25 %. Such restrictive frameworks were established by the law on trade.

According to the information on a network site Sitistor the company now develops 17 objects in Moscow, seven of them in the property, she disposes of the others as long-term rent. The total area of objects makes 42 thousand in sq. m, of them trading almost 20 thousand in sq. m.

Cost Sitistorov to count up difficult enough - a network has never published the financial and operational results, the analyst " marks; Uralsiba Tigran Oganesyan. By its approximate calculations, speech can go about the sum of 70-100 million dollars For Billa it will be jerk forward, recently the network has obviously withered - special development was not - the analyst has added.

Billa which enters in REWE Group, has come to Russia in 2004 from Austria. For today in Russia 72 supermarkets, the lion`s share - in Moscow function. The company does not advertise the financial indicators. Last time ritejler made transactions in Russia in 2008. Then the Austrians have bought trading objects Njam - njam : a network from 13 shops two of which were in rent.

the Transaction between Billa and Sitistorom it is favourable to both parties, general director INFOLine Ivan Fedjakov considers: Enka for a long time wanted to leave not profile business, and Billa it is necessary to develop . The expert Besides, underlines, in network big cities have settled all possibilities for organic growth, therefore development already is easier for carrying out mainly through merge and absorption transactions.

Recent performance the Seventh continent (speech about madly low price of the repayment of actions at minoritariev) has led to that in the market there was a new animator of an estimation of the companies, considers g - n Fedjakov. Earlier cost ritejlera at the transaction made approximately 40-50 % of a gain, and after the seven the estimation has fallen to 30 % - he speaks.

we Will remind, Enka became the unique owner of a grocery active Ramenka (developed 42 supermarkets Ramstor and ten shopping centres) in 2007. In the end of the same year the developer has sold for 260 million dollars of French network Auchan of 14 objects (13 from them were in long-term rent, the buyer has acquired for it the right).

Within next two crisis years the company closed Ramstory at which rent terms came to an end. To the beginning of 2010 in a network there were 17 points. The developer wanted to sell and them, has been for this purpose employed Bank Societe Generale Vostok, but the buyer was not. Then resourceful Turks has renamed Ramstory in Sitistory to the beginning 2010 the quantity of objects has decreased to 14. The developer has decided to be engaged in development of the not numerous shops, opening new so that in the long term it is good to sell them. Analysts considered that the most delicious Turkish pieces are located on the Komsomol area and at the underground the Falcon .