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Sergey Soldatenkov can leave last “ the Megaphone “

the Oldest top - the manager in the Russian telecommunication market - the general director “ the Megaphone “ Sergey Soldatenkov can leave the post. As it became known daily, he does not intend to prolong the contract which expires in June of this year. Shareholders search for replacement g - well to Soldatenkov. Among candidates on its armchair the director of capital branch “ the Megaphone “ Andrey Kurdanov and the founder of television holding “ Media - 1 “ Ivan Tavrin. G - n Soldatenkov, most likely, remains in the company as the observer - he will head board of directors of the operator.

that Sergey Soldatenkov does not intend to prolong the contract with “ the Megaphone “ (expires in June, 2012), know some top - managers in the telecommunication market. According to one of them, g - n Soldatenkov, however, does not intend to leave the company for ever, and remains in it the observer - will head board of directors of the operator.

Now shareholders, first of all Alisher Usmanov, are held by suitable candidacy search on a post of the general director “ the Megaphone “ interlocutors daily explain. The Most probable applicants - the co-owner “ Media - 1 “ Ivan Tavrin and Andrey Kurdanov who has been appointed not so long ago zamgendirektora “ the Megaphone “ and the director of capital branch of the company.

Interlocutors daily say that g - well to Soldatenkov, on hearings, the post in the government can be offered. However that it will be for a post while it is not clear.

Sergey Soldatenkov has not answered yesterday a call daily as is on vacation abroad. Through the representative he has confirmed that its contract expires in June of this year, however the further comments has refused. G - n Tavrin has told that is ready to discuss any questions from the next Monday. The source in an environment of the manager has informed that appointment g - on Tavrina is really discussedญ, but while is not clear, how much it is probable. To Contact Andrey Kurdanovym it was not possible. That it conducts consultations concerning appointment with g - nom Usmanov, the interlocutor daily, familiar with a course of negotiations has confirmed.

Ivan Tavrin - young, but already proved manager in the media market. With one of the basic co-owners “ the Megaphone “ - Alisher Usmanov - it is well familiar: “ AF Media Holding “ g - on Usmanov (supervises “ Muses - TV “ and 7าย) not so long ago has been united with “ Media - 1 “ Ivan Tavrin (supervises regional radio television broadcasting stations) was which co-owner. In the spring of last year g - n Tavrin was included into board of directors Mail. ru Group, having replaced with this post of Ardavana Moshiri.

Andrey Kurdanov has begun work in Volga region branch “ the Megaphone “ in 2001. Held posts of the chief of group of operation of technical department, the technical director, since April, 2009 supervised over Volga region branch of the operator.

Sergey Soldatenkov - one of the oldest managers of branch. A post of the general director in “ the Megaphone “ it takes without small ten years - since 2003. Began the career with work in holding “ telekominvest “ and the companies “ the Petersburg telephone system “. According to participants of the market, being on these posts, g - n Soldatenkov has established business and friendly relations with Leonid Rejmanom who has been appointed subsequently by the Minister of Communications and information of the Russian Federation.

At Sergey Soldatenkov “ the Megaphone “ has achieved appreciable successes. So, one and a half years ago it became known that the company has bypassed “ Vympelcom “ On a gain and number of subscribers in Russia, having displaced the competitor from the second position among the largest mobile operators in Russia. To deduce “ the Megaphone “ on the first place on a gain and quantity of subscribers of cellular communication in Russia - “ Sergey Soldatenkov`s personal purpose “ it is told on a site of the operator.

Ekaterina Sevrjukova, Elizabeth Sergina, Vitaly Petlevoj