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Popular “ a blackberry “

In Russia have appeared about 100 thousand owners of phones BlackBerry

By MTS estimations, in 2011 the number of users Black­ Berry in Russia has grown three times. For the same period the number of users services BlackBerry in MTS network has increased more than four times. According to Gartner, in the world of sale of smart phones BlackBerry for a year following the results of the third quarter 2011 remained at level of last year, the share has decreased on 4 items of the item, to 11 %.

sales of smart phones BlackBerry grow In Russia first of all at the expense of corporate users as provide fast synchronisation of working mail, calendar, contacts, have low power consumption, term of work of the accumulator in a reception mode/ sendings of mail of smart phones - about seven days, utonjajut in a press - MTS service. Rates of increase of number of users services BlackBerry in MTS network in business - a segment twice above, than in mass. By source estimations in one of cellular ritejlerov, following the results of 2011 in Russia it was typed more than 100 thousand users of smart phones ­ of the given mark.

the Russian subscribers Black­ Berry use the mobile Internet, post appendices more actively and is more often there are in roaming, than users of other smart phones. ARPU users BlackBerry in five-ten times above, than on the average on the market. In 2011 growth of monthly average monthly fee ARPU of users of services BlackBerry from MTS has made 241 %.