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Yandex on vyrost

Analysts Goldman Sachs consider that shares of company will be essentially added in the price

by Analysts Goldman Sachs consider Yandex one of the most perspective companies in a technological segment in region EMEA. In spite of the fact that the searcher has a little lost in a market dale, experts predict growth of cost of its actions during the current year. They have established target cost 28,8 dollars for a paper.

Though we understand concern of the market concerning strengthening of positions of browser Google Chrome and its mobile strategy, we consider that Yandex remains the best company which could join long-term structural growth of the Russian market the Internet - advertising - it is told in analytical report GS.

the Target price of actions with horizon in 12 months of analytics 28,8 dollars proceeding from capitalisation in 9,3 mlrd have established at level dollars Factor which have appropriated to Yandex GS, makes 31x that as it is marked in the report, puts the company in one line with popular Chinese site Baidu.

Yesterday papers Yandex 19,02 dollars for one action bargained at the price at level. Their cost decreased last two days.

to Development Yandex growth of the Russian market the Internet - advertising in 2012 to which Goldman Sachs predicts 37 - percentage increase will promote. Thus the advertising market in Russia as a whole will grow all on 8,6 % at the expense of updating of advertising budgets of the companies, analysts mark. And the share the Internet - advertising in market total amount will increase to 16,9 %, from 13,4 % in 2011. The Internet - advertising will influence growth of the market an interdiction for beer advertising for television since July, 2012 and restriction for outdoor advertising in big cities.

Nevertheless Yandex Continues to concede market Google share, the Russian analysts mark. Two days ago attention to it in the report turned VTB the Capital . For December of last year, by data liveinternet, users have spent 4,35 mlrd search inquiries in a Runet, for the similar period of 2010 the indicator made 2,91 billion On a share Yandex from them 60,6 % were necessary that on 4 items of the item it is less, than for the similar period of 2010.