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Scientists declared on January, 16th in the most depressive afternoon in a year

Researchers from the British University of Cardiff recognised Monday, on January, 16th, the most sad and an unlucky day in a year. Experts have developed the formula of happiness and have defined with its help what exactly today posleprazdnichnoe the despondency has reached the peak. Also scientists named five ways as it is possible to overcome a depression.

Scientists named today Blue Monday. According to results of research today Englishmen and other Europeans will feel Postchristmas and posleprazdnichnoe despondency. In turn, it will force them to think that in the near future them expects not enough the pleasant. Among the main reasons of bad mood experts result the cold weather, collected debts and not paid accounts, and also the fact of that to a salary for January there is a lot of time.

All these factors also do the third Monday of January in the most sad afternoon in a year — experts are assured. They add that people who love the work, cope with depression in Blue Monday much t, than those who works without pleasure, writes The Wall Street Journal.

Date of the most sad day in a year for the first time was defined by scientist Kliff Arnall. The mathematical formula of misfortune deduced by it, consists of six elements: weather (W), a debt (D), an indicator of time which has passed after Christmas, an indicator of time which has passed since the moment when the person has made to itself New Year`s promises, and also low motivation and sensation of necessity of acceptance of immediate decisions.

At the same time scientists urge to rejoice lives and give five ways which will help to avoid a depression and to become happier.

1. Accent less attention to problems and to people which you do not love. It creates a precipice between you and associates. Instead of concentration on problems try to build bridges — to communicate with surrounding people and together amicably to work on reception of good result.

2. Look around and think that particularly you can take in hand. Emphasise details. They can affect your motivation.

3. Define that it is necessary to change and change it. For this purpose wonder, what you would want to see on - to another? And then write five different ways for achievement of your purpose. For example, if you want to become the general director of the large company think: to what heads I can address to learn, how they have achieved the position? Whom should I interest? How I will communicate with them? How our feedback will be organised? What additional experience is necessary to me?

4. state an estimation of the motivation on a scale from 10 points. In an ideal it should make 7 points from 10. If your motivation more low find a way as it to raise.

5. Define that at you it turns out is better that it is pleasant to you on your work and with whom you most of all like to work. Think of how you can create in life more than such moments in which you feel yourselves happy.