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Victor Jun has gone on self-liquidation

RST has submitted the claim about the bankruptcy

Against scandalous bankruptcy Rosstraha and licence withdrawal from the insurer Rostra accompanied by scandal of the deceived motorists, the company Russian insurance traditions (RST) from a top - 15 on OSAGO has put in in court the statement for the bankruptcy. From the market of these players experts predicted leaving still two years ago.

the Arbitration court of a city of Moscow has registered the claim about own bankruptcy of the insurance company Russian insurance traditions . In spite of the fact that the insurer has increased gathering on OSAGO for nine months 2011 almost twice, to 1,6 mlrd rbl., in comparison with the similar period of last year, the company declared self-liquidation in connection with a heavy financial position, is told on its site.

As owner RST Victor Jun, the general debt of the company it has told daily estimates in 450-550 million rbl., from them 300-400 million rbl. is long it is necessary on contracts OSAGO and 150 million rbl. - on kasko. According to the Russian union of autoinsurers (RSA) which will pay off with clients under policies OSAGO, on the end of September of last year at the company was 361,7 thousand such contracts, their general number made 422 thousand

Bankruptcy means impossibility for the company to pay off with debts - admits g - n It is young, adding that the company could work still half a year, typing new debts, however it would be wrong . Victor Jun estimates a current situation with debts as critical, as at the company few real actives, to pay off with debts . Except obligations to clients RST has a debt on payments before RSA at a rate of 10 million rbl. At the company not so it is a lot of actives to tighten bankruptcy procedure - Victor Jun admitted daily.

Clients RST, excepting at whom contracts OSAGO have been concluded, hardly can receive payments on insured events, however, as well as clients of the insurance company Rostra which held a meeting on January, 11th at building FSFR. The people who have not received payments under contracts kasko, have sent the statement to head FSFR Dmitry Pankinu where indemnification at the expense of means of the state budget or Reserve fund all victim have demanded. One more statement (is at daily) has been directed chief UEB and personal computer GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia across Moscow to Yury Vasilevu where victims demand excitation of criminal case concerning the owner of the company Rostra For swindle in especially large size to make Maxim Balkaeva answerable for deliberate bankruptcy victims demand also were a top - managers of the company - Konstantin Buravleva, Olga Sigalovich and Dmitry Maslov.

As one of active workers of group of victims Nikolay Poljakov, applicants has told daily while wait for the official answer from law enforcement bodies on their statement, however in the near future plan to submit one more - to Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow. According to clients Booms many of them have today on hands court orders on decisions of the courts on the sums collected from the insurer, however to receive money it is impossible, as on accounts in banks which at the company more than hundred, are not present money. In total, as they said, at Booms at the moment of licence withdrawal operated with 438 thousand contracts, from them 42 thousand - on kasko and 315 thousand - on OSAGO.

At the same time, according to a source daily in RSA, the union addressed in law enforcement bodies with the requirement to file criminal charges on owners of the company Rosstrah being now in bankruptcy procedure, however has received the negative answer. Under the informal data, the union is going to address in Office of Public Prosecutor (see daily from 11. 01. 12). According to RSA, volume of obligations Rosstraha it is estimated in 1,1 mlrd rbl., Booms - from 519 million to 692,5 million rbl., RST - from 649,5 million to 954 million rbl.

According to the assistant to the general director Expert RA Pavel Samieva, before crisis of 2008 Rostra and Rosstrah actively increased a portfolio in any ways selling the companies. In 2009, marks g - n Samiev, interest of investors to the Russian market has fallen, and payments of clients were sharply reduced. Next year in the insurance market stagnation, and in 2011, despite some revival was observed, for the companies to try it became impossible to increase a portfolio. According to Pavel Samieva, at Booms for example, it was possible to withdraw the licence in 2010. However it is impossible to blame its management for a failure of this company, which tried to develop the normal policy of tariffs to rescue the company, - it it simply have not allowed to make considers g - n Samiev.