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UCS Company UCS after business acquisition on trading ekvajringu has enticed the Alpha bank personnel

Into the ekvajringovye networks

has bought up at Alpha bank about hundred experts in the field of this business. Arrival of new employees has coincided and with change of the head of this direction: now for trading ekvajring in UCS Vladimir Kononov from the company " answers; Multon .

As general director UCS Vladimir Komlev has told daily, in its company the command of experts on trading ekvajringu from Alpha bank has passed. In the end of November of last year a daughter the American company Global Payments - company UCS has bought from Alpha bank business on trading ekvajringu (a network of reception of cards in shops). In connection with joining of business from Alpha bank UCS has essentially increased the network: the number of regional divisions has increased with 16 to 34, has told g - n Komlev.

Within the limits of the transaction on purchase of business of Alpha bank in trading ekvajringe we had an opportunity to propose to those employees who were engaged before ekvajringom in the bank. It was as though the structural transaction. We could not buy them, but possibility it to suggest to pass to us for work has been given us, and the part from them has agreed - Vladimir Komlev has noted. As he said, from Alpha bank to work in UCS have passed about 70 regional experts on trading ekvajringu. As have informed daily in Alpha bank, possible transition of experts of bank on trading ekvajringu was discussed within the limits of sale of this business of company UCS.

Simultaneously to command replenishment on ekvajringu in company UCS there were also personnel rotation in a management. So, responsible for sales on trading ekvajringu director John Bejliss has left UCS - in Global Payments it have directed to Malta where the company has got recently ekvajringovyj business at bank HSBC. Actually John Bejliss will be the head of Maltese division Global Payments, has noted g - n Komlev.

the Place g - on Bejlissa in the end of December Vladimir Kononov, earlier holding has occupied a post of the sales manager in the company Multon specialising on manufacture and sale of juice. G - n Kononov at us will supervise over all sales ekvajringovyh products. It has started to work in UCS from the end of last year. We have chosen it from 238 candidates whom we looked - has noted g - n Komlev.