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It is compelled leave at own will

Before elections of resignation of unpopular governors can to proceed

the Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Ilya Mihalchuk it is sent in resignation. About the termination of its powers Dmitry Medvedev has signed the decree on Friday. In an United Russia say that the decision on resignation was accepted after the party has received low result on elections to Duma. Sources in party leadership hint that it can be not last resignation - before power presidential election will try to clean the most unpopular heads of regions to calm the population.

at own will the governor has directed the Application on the preschedule termination of powers itself though term of its powers expires in March of current year. now we yet do not make comments on an event, and no new data besides the presidential decree at us is present - have informed in a press - service of the governor. As the secretary of presidium gensoveta " has explained daily; an United Russia Sergey Neverov, the party within two weeks will carry out consultations and will submit for consideration the president three nominees on a choice, but now to speak about them for the present early .

resignation of the governor is connected with inability of the power of region to solve a problem which here people daily face, considers g - n Neverov. first of all it, of course, a condition housing - municipal sphere of area - he has noted, having reminded that the president criticised Mihalchuka in October and just for tariffs on housing and communal services. Experts also designated for a long time resignation to head of area. In November, 2011 fund the Petersburg policy and holding Minchenko Consulting have estimated in a rating of survival rate of governors activity of Mihalchuka on unit on a five-point scale. Among weaknesses of the governor low popularity, the sharp criticism has been specified from the president, easing of lobbist support at federal level, approach of a termination date of powers and other.

Our estimation became the situation indicator, but not its reason - the president of fund " has explained daily; the Petersburg policy Michael Vinogradov. Low popularity of Mihalchuka really became the main reason of its resignation, confirm in an United Russia . On the eve of its resignation the high-ranking interlocutor in party leadership has noticed that unpopular governors can clean to presidential election to calm the population. The housing and communal services theme becomes the main occasion to possible resignations, the interlocutor daily has noted. According to the source, this year expire powers at the whole list of heads of regions. Them most likely will offer for the sake of popularity at the population.

Mihalchuk has been caused to the Kremlin right after elections in the State Duma in December of last year. It has appeared among heads of regions with the most bad result an United Russia . After that in resignation on own head of the Vologda area Vyacheslav Pozgalev (in region " has submitted; EdRo has received only 33,4 %). And on Friday on own has been compelled to leave and Mihalchuk (in the Arkhangelsk region United Russia party members have received less than 31,9 % of votes).

the Head of regional programs of Fund of development of an information policy Alexander Kynev names the decision on resignation become overripe and overdue. scandal round actions g - on Mihalchuka went for a long time already: protests against it have begun about two years ago, moreover even deputies demanded its resignation - speaks g - n Kynev. As he said, before elections the federal centre tried to separate publicly from the governor (in October its work was criticised publicly by Dmitry Medvedev), having shown that it bad, and the federal centre criticising it - good. But such technological course of has not justified.