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Direct elections of governors will legalise during half a year

Already in first half of 2012 Russia can return to practice of direct governor`s elections. The bill is ready, and in the nearest future the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev will submit it for consideration in the State Duma. And in the law it is not mentioned the presidential filter for candidates for the head of the regions, the offered prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin.

In the nearest future it will be brought in the Duma. The president considers priority realisation of political reforms about which he spoke in the message to Federal meeting — has declared a press - Dmitry Medvedev Natalia Timakova`s secretary. the Head of the government is informed on degree of readiness of the document. It has all information on it and the prospective schedule of its passage — has noted a press - Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov`s secretary.

From the bill text follows that the candidate on a post of the head of the subject of the Russian Federation can be put forward in two ways: party and as self-promotion. In the first variant it does not need to collect signatures, and in the second — it is necessary to make it. Each region should establish for itself necessary quantity of signatures, writes today Kommersant .

Also the law explains the scheme with possibility of dismissal of governors the head of the state. To send the governor in resignation it will be possible in case of corruption revealing, from - for losses of trust of the head of the state, infringement of laws or presence of not settled conflicts of interests. Dismiss the governor also the voters who have disappointed in it can. Possibility of resignation of the head of region is registered in the document through a referendum. It is separately stipulated what to dismiss the careless official it will be possible not earlier than in a year from the moment of its introduction into a post.

It is planned that Russia can return direct governor`s elections during half a year. After the president will sign the document approved by the Duma, at the regional authorities will be equal two months to bring the regional legislation into accord with the federal law. After two months governors at whom expires five years` term, should operate by new rules. Other heads of regions dosidjat the put five-years periods.

it is curious that in the law it is not mentioned about so-called the presidential filter for candidates for governors. It was declared by the prime minister - the minister of Russia Vladimir Putin during a December straight line with the Russian people. The prime minister said that the right to put forward the candidates for governors will be received by each party from regional parliament. However to elections of a nominee of governors will pass the coordination with the president.

the First about necessity to return governor`s elections were exorcised on December, 15th by prime minister Vladimir Putin. He has mentioned and the presidential filter . During the message president Dmitry Medvedev has officially urged to return to Federal meeting direct elections. Before governors have deprived of possibility to be selected directly since 2004. Then the new order after tragedy in Beslan was entered by president Vladimir Putin. It has been presented as one of measures to combat terrorism.

In the Kremlin deny that new reform is connected with the street activity which has increased after last year`s elections to Duma, writes Kommersant . To this decision not so street activity, and opinion of governors has pushed. They at each opportunity whispered to it what not bad to return elections. Say, the people have ripened — the employee of presidential administration convinces.