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The opposition has suggested Prokhorov to tell about its billions

Representatives Duma oppositions have commented on Michael Prokhorov`s charges to the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR and “ Fair Russia “ in false oppozitsionnosti. In particular, representatives of the Russian parties have offered the businessman who intends to stand in presidents of the Russian Federation, in the beginning fairly to tell about themselves and the billions, and already then to act with loud statements.

So, in conversation with RIA Novosti news agency the leader of communists Gennady Zyuganov has urged Prokhorov not to tell nonsenses and to learn to the politician, and also, before to accuse someone, to tell, whence at it such condition undertook.

“ the Person with such money and growth should not tell nonsense, at least. Him have deduced from the Kremlin test tube, from the Yeltsin. Took huge means which were put by all country in development “ Norilsk nickel “ Ploughed, worked, were at war, protected and have given it all purse “ — Zyuganov has told.

He has underlined that all income of the ingenious founder of company Apple of Steve Jobs which has taught mankind to think and communicate differently, has made 7 mlrd dollars “ And at this 18 (billions). Whence? “ — has asked a question the leader of Communist Party.

Today in Michael Prokhorov`s article which has been published in the newspaper daily, the businessman named leaders of parliamentary opposition — Sergey Mironov, Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Gennady Zyuganov — “ the Kremlin agency with 20 - the summer experience “. Besides, the businessman has reproached representatives of these parties that, from its words, they “ try to stick to protest movement “ which has arisen after elections in the State Duma on December, 4th.

“ Today these repeatedly checked up by business “ oppositionists “ Have decided to try to saddle public discontent and to convert it in the bonuses. Both political, and commercial. And it means that, having come round after December protests, the authorities undertook habitual business: try to head to what cannot prevent “ — Prokhorov in the article has written.

According to Zyuganov, summer of last year Prokhorov tried to create party by means of the Kremlin administration, however then when the project is not has gone right, “ at all did not resist “. “ it does not understand the politician yet, let studies “ — the politician has concluded.

Vitse - the speaker of the State Duma from LDPR Igor Lebedev considers unworthy for candidates to roll down to mutual insults and calls applicants for a state post of the head fairly to tell about itself.

“ We consider that election campaign should be under construction on that each voter has told fairly about itself: Who it, whence, as he has earned the billions? Let he (Prokhorov) will fairly tell about it " better; — Lebedev of RIA Novosti news agency has told.

In its opinion, transition to persons occurs from - for shortages of arguments and is directed on excitation of interest at mass-media, attention attraction to the person.

Comments of representatives “ Fair Russia “ in connection with Prokhorov`s statements the agency yet has no. In the beginning of December, 2011 Prokhorov has informed on the intention to participate in quality of the candidate in presidential elections of the Russian Federation. On December, 15th, 2011 the businessman has presented in ÖČK the Russian Federation the documents necessary for its self-promotion. Since December, 24th in Moscow in a building of the Central telegraph the reception for petition in support of Prokhorov worked.

on December, 28th he has declared that has collected in the selective fund necessary under the law of 400 million rbl. Prokhorov has thanked all who has translated means, and has informed what more to transfer money it is not necessary. On January, 13th, 2012 the candidate for presidents Prokhorov has collected 2 million signatures in the support.

In the end of December the businessman has published theses of the electoral programme. He has declared that in case of a victory intends to dismiss the State Duma of the sixth convocation and to spend early election in December, 2012, to liquidate federal districts in the country, to spend radical land reform and to grant the right to the State Duma and regional parliaments to stop powers of judges.

Presidential elections of the Russian Federation will pass on March, 4th, 2012. Earlier were already registered as candidates of premieres - minister Vladimir Putin from “ an United Russia “ Gennady Zyuganov from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Zhirinovsky from LDPR and Sergey Mironov from “ Fair Russia “.