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Across stereotypes

the Test - the drive updated by Volvo S80

At each automobile mark respecting is a trump. At BMW it is a back drive and rjadnye “ the six “ under a cowl. At Porsche 6 - cylinder ­ oppozitniki and zadnemotornaja configuration, at Audi a longitudinal arrangement of engines before a forward ­ axis together with all-wheel drive transmission quattro. All these companies try to bring feature of the cars to perfection­. Volvo is perfectly entered in this company and brings to perfection already the counters. This cross-section arrangement of the engine together with 6 - cylinder rjadnymi motors.


the Cross-section arrangement of the motor and a box speaks much bigger safety for the driver and passengers. At loading impact on not rumpled cage of a cabin it is much less, and the motor does not take off for salon.

Rjadnye 6 - cylinder motors are good that differ ideal balancing and return. Kolenval with three steams of pistons counterbalances the received moment. The motor does not shiver, is more cheerfully untwisted and possesses considerably bolshej priemistostju, than similar V - figurative colleagues. On balancing compete to it can only 6 - cylinder oppozitnik.

All manufacturers mark advantages rjadnyh the engines, however not everyone hastens to deal with them. The reason is covered in length. The power unit not always is located in close podkapotnoe space. For this reason from rjadnyh “ shesterok “ especially national brands treating consumers by front-wheel drive vehicles have refused all premialshchiki, except for BMW, and. Everything have refused, but only not Volvo.

to Push long rjadnuju “ the six “ together with the same long automatic transmission under a cowl cross-section — It simply top of engineering thought. At an open cowl you marvel, as Swedes have managed to make the such. The motor cover begins from the left wing and almost rests against the right board. Under a cover the box close to a wheel is distinguishable. On each side it is few place, but in front and behind its motor it is enough. And sleepless nights of the engineers who are understanding over a challenge both moving apart knots and units in search of additional centimetres under a cowl are represented. Whether


Is sense in all this invention and whether justifies S80 expectations of founders? The first minutes at the wheel updated S80 prove that more than.

Such priemistogo the engine you will not meet at anybody, except BMW. I am switched in a sports mode of a box, hardly I press on an accelerator pedal, and the car vystrelivaet with jet acceleration. Box it is masterful clicks transfers, the soul sings, and from vnutrisalonnogo pocket mirrors your happy physiognomy looks at you.

Character S80 is learnt in slippery turns. A connected full drive with electronic muftoj in the back bridge on sensations we will not distinguish from a constant full drive, such as quattro from Audi. The car at the minimum proslipping peredka at gas addition there and then twists back wheels in turn. As a result on a slippery arch the car can be exposed sideways and in sliding to operate one gas twisting it exposing directly at otpuskanii an accelerator.

a car Road clearance on wide 18 - inch skating rinks quite comprehensible. But here the tyres recommended by the manufacturer 40 - go a profile have thrown problems. On the roads of tyre Bridgestone broken from infinite thaw burst, as balloons. Enough several concerning good pohlopyvany on asphalt holes, and sideways tyre covers acted a hernia. It is no wonder that travel to Rybinsk has turned back night standing on a roadside and replacement of the punched wheel.

By the way, years of information orgy, gangsterism and intimidation by roadside maniacs and could not kill a road brotherhood completely. In assistants to a lack was not. And it is good. Regular ballonnyj Volvo key has there and then failed. It was turned with failure of a profile from the first turn. It was necessary to borrow a key one traveller on “ to the Field “. Standing on an ankle in wet snow porridge, all of us have changed a huge wheel on tiny dokatku. To admit, the kind at S80 there and then became unsightly. The car looked, as if John Silver on a wooden foot.

on dokatke it was possible to estimate advantages of a full drive. Mufta Haldex 4 - go generations it is magnificent. At active start in a floor the car behaves almost the same as and with all serviceable wheels. Mufta counts possible proslipping on wheels and it is timely, still prior to the beginning proskalzyvanija, throws the moment not only on other axis, but also on one of back wheels. Volvo at dispersal is accelerated stably and without roving on the parties. That under wheels slippery as oil, a swill, it was possible to learn at braking. The car chirrs ABS and from - for different wheels leaves aside.

While I slowly rolled on dokatke to Moscow, there was enough time to get acquainted with all subtleties of the updated car. The torpedo is here considerably processed. From above the central console has got up “ suflerskaja a box “ with the colour screen of multimedia system. The screen differs good clearness, but in the sizes concedes to that are established on new Audis A6 and BMW 5 - j series. However it is possible to add it with regular screens in headrests of forward armchairs for back passengers. Management of entertaining system is carried out both from the central console, and from panel DU.

But the most interesting that on updated S80 is put now the same system of emergency braking before an obstacle, as on ÕÑ60. In the top part of a windshield the chamber, which monitorit objects in front of car is established. If the computer distinguishes a car or person silhouette electronics beats on brakes. On dry asphalt the car stops since speed to 40 km/ ch. But if the driver will pull a wheel aside the system withdraws, deciding not to stir to go round the driver an obstacle.

the System not especially distinguishes such objects, as cable columns and the deaf grey walls badly combined on a profile with the person or car. Therefore it is better not to experiment on them. That the car stopped before them or before barriers, on them should be put svetootrazhajushchie labels or coverings.

As a whole updated Volvo S80 remained it is true to traditions. Having kept magnificent controllability and comfort at movement, it has got the interesting electronic gadgets allowing not only to surprise friends and acquaintances, but also on guard of safety. And it more than pleasantly. But here only what for it was required to replace high-grade zapasku shaky dokatkoj?!