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Lock Pugacheva is taken by storm

Competitive managing director Mezhprombanka has reached real estate eks - the senator in France

As it became known daily, the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) has achieved obespechitelnyh measures concerning the former senator Sergey Pugacheva of lock Shato belonging to a family de Garo in Nice. Euro active in market cost of 8 million it is planned to include in competitive weight of the International industrial bank. The lock will go from a hammer if its owner does not pay ASV 13,6 million euro.

Imposed concerning Shato de Garo of a measure by right apply for the loudest event of the beginning of 2012 both in France, and in Russia. According to the French newspaper Le Mond, to Shato de Garo in Nice belongs to a family of the Russian orthodox banker and eks - senator Sergey Pugacheva. In addition, as it was possible to find out Le Mond, to Pugachevu ­ belongs two more private residences in Sen - Jean - Kap - Ferra.

As has told daily a source close to the Central Bank, Shato de Garo has been got by Sergey Pugacheva`s family in 2007 and it is issued on company Snc Villacota 3. Meanwhile this company is the debtor of the International industrial bank, in benefitsiarah which all the same family. In October, 2010 the Bank of Russia has withdrawn at Mezhprombanka the ­ licence for falsification of the reporting and inability to answer under the liabilities. The bank has run into debt to creditors 80,9 mlrd rbl. (see the table) and in November, 2010 has been recognised by the bankrupt.

Debts Snc Villacota 3 before Mezhprombankom for the sum of 3 million euro have been extinguished on October, 4th, 2010 in the inadequate image from Joint-Stock Company account “ Eurocontact ­“ in Mezhprombanke a day before a Central Bank official statement about a response at licence bank. The competitive managing director in the name of ASV has challenged this repayment within the limits of business about bankruptcy of Mezhprombanka­, and the debts have been restored by definition of Arbitration court of Moscow. Under the second credit contract the company owes Mezhprombanku of 5,312 million euro more.

As has explained a source daily in the Central Bank, data that on balance of offshore company Snc Villacota 3 one of Sergey Pugacheva`s palaces is registered, have first caused mistrust, after all lawyers of the oligarch by the time of licence withdrawal from Mezhprombanka have deduced from - under it the majority of actives. “ but the information has appeared true on 100 %, — the interlocutor has told. — it is visible, actives which needed to be deduced, was so much that in turmoil de Garo have simply forgotten about Shato “.

the Lock forms historical object of Shato de Garo (Chateau de Gairaut), erected in France between 1900 and 1904 years­. It is located on the ground area by the area of 37 acres (cadastral number EO 76). It is an apartment house a total area of 2686 sq. m (cadastral numbers 78 and 188). The Ground area has been got almost for 5,3 million euro, and the lock for 3 million euro. The object of real estate is located to the address: Nice, Shmen de Garo, 260. The property complex has not been burdened by other pledges.

After acknowledgement of these data ASV has addressed in tribunal of high instance Nitstsy with the statement for an establishment concerning this property of preliminary pledge. And on December, 21st last year these requirements have been satisfied: preliminary pledge has made 13,6 million euro. After that the competitive managing director has addressed in the First bureau of archive of a mortgage of Nitstsy with the statement for registration of preliminary pledge. Pledge has been registered on January, 19th, 2012, and through court enforcement officers the notice on registration of preliminary pledge has been directed Snc Villacota 3.

the first deputy of general director ASV Valery Miroshnikov has confirmed daily the information on an establishment of preliminary pledge in 13,6 million euro concerning Shato de Garo which owner is Snc Villacota 3. In tribunal of high instance Nitstsy could not comment operatively daily on the fact of an establishment it of pledge.

Foreign law enforcement bodies not the first time show interest to real estate of the Russian oligarchs, the senior lawyer of international company Roche and Duffay Sergey Budylin speaks. “ to Remember at least a search on a country house of the deputy of the State Duma Vladislav Reznika in Spain under the warrant of Baltasara of the Waiter in 2008 or history with Berezovsky`s locks ­ in France from 2007, — he argues. — but, probably, now for the first time over large foreign real estate of the Russian businessman real threat of withdrawal " has hung;.