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Bribes not eligible to travel abroad

the President has forbidden businessmen to bribe officials

Russia has joined the Convention on struggle against payoff of foreign officials at the international commercial transactions. This event will soon enrich Russian UK with new structures of crimes, in particular introduction of a criminal liability for legal persons. Hardly it is necessary not only the Russian business, got used to agree about all kuluarno, but also to the officials willingly accepting recoils from large foreign concerns.

Joining of Russia to the convention will allow to harmonise the international standards on fight against corruption and our legal system - president Dmitry Medvedev at meeting concerning judicial system has told yesterday. He has remembered that last year criminal and administrative responsibility not only for corruption acts, but also for " has been entered; Offers or promises to the foreign official of money or property for fulfilment of certain actions by it .

Having entered in 2000 working group of the Organization of economic cooperation and development (OESR), Russia has accepted a condition subsequently to join to the convention. Before 38 developed countries have already joined it. it is necessary, that these norms have as soon as possible earned and were embodied in judiciary practice - the president summarised.

For this purpose in the legislation before there should be many new legal mechanisms and procedures, - the chairman of National anticorruption committee Cyril Kabanov explains. - so, in UK the direct criminal liability of legal bodies " is not provided yet;.

At the moment in Russia responsibility of the companies for bribes is registered only in the Code about administrative offences. To physical persons, on the contrary, since May, 2011 have considerably toughened sanctions for commercial payoff, a summer residence and bribe reception.

the Most ardent and consecutive lobbyist of introduction of a criminal liability for legal persons is the chairman of Investigatory committee Alexander Bastrykin. It even has prepared the corresponding bill which is hung out on a department site.

In the USA and the majority of the European countries such responsibility is, and inspectors can easily bring action not against the director or the bookkeeper, and against all company. This rule of law has allowed to make answerable and to receive large penalties from concerns Siemens and Daimler - Benz, the officials convicted of payoff for increase of sales of own production.

We so long did not join this convention to allow to officials of all levels to fill the pockets, - considers the vice-president of Bar your legal attorney Vladislav Kapkanov. - present korruptsioneram it is necessary much more hard their colleagues stably receiving a bribe from foreign concerns for advancement of their production .

Recently research Bribe Payers Index in which course it was found out that more often the others are given by bribes abroad businessmen from Russia has been conducted in Europe. To the country the least rating - 6,1 points on 10 - a mark scale has been awarded, China and Mexico follow. To pay to Russians on a visit it is necessary at work in sector of state contracts, and also in municipal services and building branches more often.