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Caesar Putin

the Prime minister has compared demokraticheski the selected candidate to the Roman emperor

having taken vacation for day, Vladimir Putin has told to the country that he thinks of other candidates for presidents and why it is necessary to vote for it. He has magnanimously agreed to employ at first the observers who have remained without work of Grigory Javlinsky (it is removed from elections), and then and the opponents who have left on a home straight.

Yesterday prime minister Vladimir Putin had a day off - on arena there was a candidate for presidents Vladimir Putin. To Moscow from all country there have arrived the young lawyers who have created alternative to oppositional League of voters under the name the Case of observers. About three hours the head of the government gave it lecture why elections should be fair. In audience. Walking up and down at a board.

“ We are not engaged, we will stop all infringements, even in your advantage, - visitors tried to declare independence. - whether you are ready? “ “ Will choose another - another will work, - has shrugged shoulders of premieres. - and I will not proceed bile concerning such will ­“. He has blest children for teamwork with Marsh opposition (the Case of observers intends to co-operate with League of voters) and has let know: it would not go on elections, not be assured of a victory. And in the first round.

One of young lawyers has hinted that Grigory Javlinsky`s observers ­ remained without work. “ to employ­? “ - Putin has smiled. And, leaving from a delicate topic ­ of removal from elections of the opponent, at first has laughed the matter off: “ As to a labour market I have already restored it to pre-crisis level “. Also has hinted, as concerns the program Javlinsky: “ to Restore economy for unlimited quantity of days “.

However at the leader “ the Apple “ is both sensible ideas, and good colleagues, Putin recognised. After a party failure on elections in the State Duma it even has employed them. Sergey Kirienko - at first the plenipotentiary ­ in the Volga region, then - head in Rosatom. Vladimir Lukina - the main thing for human rights in Russia. Igor Artemyev ­- head FAS. And at last, the prime minister has returned to the observers who have remained without work Javlinsky: “ I Will transfer them necessary quantity of mandates of observer Putin if will want “.

Putin has not seen “ anything impossible “ to employ and the opponents (“ Negotiations already go “ - he has let know). And even has characterised each of them, having forgotten why - that about eks - the speaker of the Federation Council Sergey Mironov.

Has begun with scandalous Zhirinovsky - the thin expert in the East. “ what laugh? - The prime minister of reaction of a hall smiled. - and at Vladimir Volfovicha sensible ideas happen, and is frequent “. It appears, to cut the country on seven federal districts Zhirinovsky the first has thought. “ I have looked at one of its early brochures, there indeed it is, - Putin told. - has coincided simply “.

Putin spoke About the leader of communists with smaller warmth. Though itself in due time was “ more abruptly the communist, than Zyuganov “. “ KGB named the armed group of party “ - the prime minister has remembered. In its opinion, the country cannot go on that way which has led her up a blind alley.

Michael Prokhorov Putin knows though and it is not close, but for a long time - that came to it with partners in business. The prime minister named its modern and sincere person. However has not considered superfluous to remind of idea of the businessman to increase working week. “ he speaks, the idea in granting to people the right to work during week-end, - Putin has estimated. - but I know, in what it will result - all will stick how the owner will tell “.

the Most important task for itself the candidate for presidents Putin sees in creating powerful and simultaneously the flexible state. Reforms demand continuation, and much and is at all made hastily.

the Case of observers of premieres addressed on - Latin the known Roman slogan: “ Be famous Caesar, the emperor going to death welcomes you! “ Putin has explained the slogan of gladiators so: “ I do not want to tell that the role of gladiators, but mission which you have assigned to yourselves voluntary, heavy is necessary to you. But very honourable “. Also has added the main thing: you will be observers not any emperor, and demokraticheski the selected candidate.