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Serdjukova pulls on football

In Leningrad region there will be own football club

In Leningrad region there can be a football club. The club organising committee into which regional officials, and also representatives of city and regional federations of football have entered is already created. Expenses for creation are not informed, experts have counted up that only for the salary of players the minimum of 14 million rbl. in a year is required. Nevertheless the new football club at competent management can become popular among fans and will help the governor of Leningrad region Valery Serdjukovu if that wants to take part in the future governor`s elections.

Valery Serdjukova`s Operating schedule has considerably changed since in the State Duma have introduced the bill of general election of governors by the population: became very sated and dense. In January when the Russian politicians prefer to have a rest, g - n Serdjukov actively went on areas. Here and this week it has already visited Tikhvin where the car-building factory has opened; in Vsevolozhsk area where there has passed a meeting with art workers and the kindergarten has opened. Yesterday the governor has put into operation a tomograph in regional hospital, and tomorrow plans to visit Kirishsky area and to take part in summarising socially - economic development for 2011.

On Wednesday to the list of good deeds of the regional authorities the creation initiative in region of football club has increased. According to the department message under the information and the press of the government of Leningrad region, in region number of 1,7 million persons lives 200 thousand active football fans.

At us it is a lot of pupils of local schools of football, and, unfortunately, they leave to play other cities - quotes department of a member of organising committee of the future club vitse - governor Andrey Burlakova. As he said, Leningrad region on forces to create and contain a command. It is supposed that it starts from the second battalion. Thus in plans creation of a command of level Russian the prime minister - leagues.

According to officials, there are already preliminary arrangements on command financing. heads of the large companies doing the business in Leningrad region, have supported idea of creation of club and have confirmed readiness to invest means in building of modern stadium, training base, and also development detsko - youthful football - have noted in department under the information and the press.

If not to start to buy legionaries and to count on young players, pupils of local football schools the club budget can be made balanced, the chief - the editor of the newspaper " believes; Sports day after day Sergey Bavli. The club can receive incomes for the account of sale of advertising at stadium, tickets and the television rights (for example, to the Leningrad regional television). Thus command charges can make from 10-14 million rbl. (the salary of 22 players plus of two trainers).

the Regional club will be interesting to fans who like to support the fellow countrymen, continues g - n Bavli. In consciousness of many admirers of football Petersburg and Leningrad region on - former are perceived as uniform region, and many support idea of creation in it of the second soccer team.

the Organization of football club is also a good step in respect of promotion of the future participant of governor`s elections, the Petersburg political scientist Vladimir Vasilev speaks. Leningrad region is much more conservative region, than Petersburg. for such region Valery Serdjukov, whose powers expire in the summer of this year, is a habitual figure, - the political scientist marks. - to find the person who can effectively struggle with it, - an uneasy problem . Valery Serdjukov did not express yet on a theme of the political future upon termination of governor`s powers.