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The system opposition was separated from not system

by Candidates for presidents have decided not to act on the Marsh area

procession Coming on February, 4th For fair elections plants in the parties the system opposition which has exposed the candidates in presidents, with not system. Yesterday three candidates - everyone under the plausible excuse - it is consecutive from performance on action have refused. Of Presidential Administration and Vladimir Putin`s staff assure that have to it no relation, but confirm, what not in their interests that meeting of not system opposition got lines sistemnosti.

that organising committee For fair elections has made decision to invite Gennady Zyuganov, Sergey Mironov and Michael Prokhorov to act on action, it became known on January, 31st. Organizers have agreed that the word will be given Grigory Javlinsky, which Central Electoral Committee has not registered the candidate for the presidents, to three representatives from League of voters, on one representative from political columns and to three registered candidates for presidents.

Then invited the invitation have not refused, and in their staffs have let know that candidates with pleasure will participate in action. However yesterday system oppositionists have consistently refused performances on action which, at a rough guess, can collect again in the centre of Moscow some tens thousand dissatisfied with elections to Duma.

the Candidate for presidents from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov has declared that has not made yet decisions on participation in procession on February, 4th. Thus, unexpectedly having remembered about danger an orange leprosy he has declared, does not want what to act. The first vice-president of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the head of a staff of Zyuganov Ivan Melnikov has explained daily that on organising committee communists in general defended a position that candidates should not take part in the action and should not act from a scene. it is impossible to transform joint action against falsifications and for fair elections into public relations - the action of one, two or three candidates. It is necessary to respect that fact that the Marsh area and the prospectus of Saharova was filled with people of the most different political views - he has declared. In a staff of communists have noticed daily that the decision will be accepted only on the eve of meeting - processions.

In a staff of the leader Fair Russia Sergey Mironov have uncertainly informed that Mironov did not refuse yet participation in the action and from performance from a scene. But also have underlined that is definitive g - n Mironov can be defined at the best on Friday.

Candidate Michael Prokhorov has accused the colleagues on presidential campaign of inconsistency. at first have agreed, have then refused to act. My position was accurate from the very beginning - he has declared daily, having complained that now candidates - spoilers try to break off Marsh and it as would not like for the candidate " at all; to participate in the next fictitious actions . He has specified that will not act, but will take part in procession together with other protesting.

In administration of the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin`s staff assert that do not carry on negotiations with oppositionists, but confirm, what not in their interests that meeting of not system opposition developed into system protest movement. In Presidential Administration daily have hinted that negotiations with candidates are conducted on the top And the invitation which has appeared yesterday of prime minister Putin to oppositional candidates for presidents is included into its government it can to appear one of elements of such negotiations.

the First vice-president of the Center of political strategies Alexey Makarkin considers that the system opposition will try to maneuver now between moods Marsh and the Kremlin. and it obviously gives a signal Putin: will behave carefully - there will be a chance to participate in its government - the expert considers.