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Vasserman there is the person of Proputin meeting

a Known TV presenter, the publicist, political adviser Anatoly Vasserman becomes the main orator on antiorange meeting on February, 4th on a grief Poklonnoj. Its participants of the action want to see among acting. However the publicist will not be present on meeting because of cold, and its speech will show in record.

Organizers of the action on a grief Poklonnoj on the site have arranged on February, 4th voting and have found out that the main orator of meeting citizens want to see Anatoly Vassermana. For it has voted more than 5 thousand visitors the Internet - a site. And Anatoly Vasserman has agreed to become the main person of Proputin meeting, but come on the action cannot, the newspaper " writes today; News .

I will Not act alive, unfortunately. Hear, how I am chilled. And though by Saturday cold, most likely, will pass, but act from a scene I cannot. Unfortunately, on 60 - m year of life should take into consideration and such everyday trifles — it is afflicted g - n by Vasserman. As a result performance of the orator have decided to show on screens in record.

G - n Vasserman has commented also on that fact that citizens want to see its main orator on Poklonnoj. Traditionally it is considered that I an intelligence symbol. Actually I am far not the cleverest in the country. But in due time me so have advertised. As it is known, half-lives we work on reputation, and half-lives the reputation works on us. Here now the reputation works on me, and me it, certainly, it is very pleasant — it has explained.

From its part participants of meeting For fair elections which will pass on February, 4th on the Marsh area, have concerned a nominee g - on Vassermana as main orator ironically. All it gets absolutely grotesque forms. If people from the fan - authorities in power club choose the main orator Vassermana it characterises them as not quite adequate people. Though it is cheerful. Vasserman — a being harmless and on - to the charming — the musical critic and the participant of meetings " considers; For fair elections artemy Troitsk.

Except g - on Vassermana the cores on meeting political scientist Sergey Kurginjan, writers Alexander Prokhanov and Nikolay Starikov, journalists Michael Leontev and Egor Kholmogorov become acting, has noted the vice-president of party Patriots of Russia Korneyev`s Hope. In total on meeting 15 thousand participants is expected. it is meeting wide antiorange front, also we will speak about rallying of this front against orange threats. At us very much different views on other questions. Someone supports the power, someone — is not present — other leader of poll on a site of organizers political scientist Sergey Kurginjan has noted.

He has added that all holding a meeting will be united by struggle against an orange leprosy . I had this sensation when absolutely normal requirements of fair elections have started to turn to requirements of change of the Constitution, changes of the power by negotiations of a muffled part of street with even more muffled liberal part of the Kremlin — has specified g - n Kurginjan.

In the meantime preparation of meeting in support of the candidate for Vladimir Putin`s presidents goes in not so friendly conditions exposures and scandals . So, teachers of capital high schools have complained that them force to participate in this action. After that loud case the Public chamber has opened phone of a hot line on which teachers can complain of a management forcing them to go on meeting and threatening by dismissal for default of these instructions.