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United Russia party members have suspected Echo Moscow in extremism

Round the letters of disgraced oligarch Boris Berezovsky published on a site of radio station Echo Moscow and addressed to known Russian figures, scandal has inflamed. At once two high-ranking United Russia party members have found out in these messages appeal signs to revolution, informs. So, the deputy from ER in the State Duma Andrey Vorobev has urged radio station not to extend appeals of the disgraced oligarch, and the head of subcommittee of the State Duma of the information policy Sergey Zheleznjak demands even to check up Echo Moscow on extremism.

G - n Iron ore has declared intention to address in Federal Agency of supervision in sphere of communication, information technology and mass communications (Roskomnadzor) and law enforcement bodies with the request to check up on extremism radio station Echo Moscow . It is connected with published on a site of radio station Boris Berezovsky`s letter to patriarch Cyril and the candidate in presidents to Vladimir Putin.

Making comments on the fact of the publication of the letter, g - n Iron ore has declared: Strange not that the political provoker has suddenly decided to expose itself the revolutionary, and that the appeal of citizens of the country to commission of crime is placed on a site of the Russian radio station which breaks requirements of the legislation on mass-media, publishing materials of the extremist maintenance . According to the member of parliament, in the letter text frank appeals to failure of presidential elections of the Russian Federation and violent overthrow of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation contain.

The opinion concerning the letter was stated also by the head of fraction an United Russia in the State Duma Andrey Vorobev. to be a megaphone of revolution for your professional radio not to the person. It is dangerous and disrespectful in relation to your listeners because they trust you As a matter of fact, extending such appeals, you become in one number with those who commits a crime. Do not do it! — the people`s choice has called radio station.

Echo Moscow — popular radio, but sometimes your popularity manages to us expensive price — has noted g - n Sparrows. there are no doubts that on Echo Moscow talented people who skilfully mention the sensitive issues work. It can not be pleasant to someone, but it can benefit the country. When in a pursuit of popularity (I hope, it not money) is crossed a fragile side of professional etiquette, it at least causes disappointment — the member of parliament has declared.

the Editor-in-chief Echo Moscow Alexey Venediktov has answered the deputy his letter. The journalist has thanked the United Russia party member for kind words to radio station and has underlined that it never was and will not be a megaphone of revolution, counterrevolution, any political force, any public group. Echo Moscow first of all a platform for discussions of various groups of a society with various political views, and journalists of radio station will professionally do the duty, Alexey Venediktov has assured.

As to Boris Berezovsky`s letter, the editor-in-chief Echo Moscow has noticed that has not seen in it any appeals to violent change of the constitutional system. Nevertheless Alexey Venediktov has made decision to remove the text of the letter and to transfer to its lawyers for deeper analysis.