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Putin named six measures for investment climate improvement in the Russian Federation

Acting today on organised by the Savings Bank and the Three Dialogue the Forum Russia prime minister Vladimir Putin has pleased investors with the statement: Russia should make hundred steps forward and on usefulness of an investment climate to become 20 - j, instead of 120 - j, as now. According to Vladimir Putin, all preconditions for this purpose at the country are, including creative and talented people.

Named g - n Putin and specific goals which it is necessary to reach. connection terms to electric power networks should be reduced four times, an operating time of the bookkeeper — six times. The cargo waggon should pass through customs seven times faster — the prime minister has declared. It has explained that, proceeding from a principle of dishonesty of the businessman, the state enters additional coordination and frequently the excessive reporting. As a result it does not allow to develop to legislative businessmen.

Vladimir Putin named six measures which urged to help businessmen in the near future:

1) in Russia there will be a representative by the rights of businessmen. It can not only consider complaints, but also stop actions of officials and even to participate in litigations;

2) procedure of disposal of legal proceeding of businessmen in arbitration courts should be the person. It will receive the special remedial status. Importance of this procedure will be strengthened, and terms for obzhalovany and cassations from businessmen are increased;

3) from the criminal legislation all rudiments of the Soviet legal field should be cleaned. It is necessary to clean from laws all zatsepki, allowing to transform economic dispute into criminal case;

4) the ideology of the state activity should change. Transition from permissions to responsibility insurance is necessary;

5) associations of businessmen can submit collective claims to protection of the wards. The businessman can argue not alone, and as a part of the large organisation;

6) Russia will harmonise the legislation with foreign partners. In particular, work on regulation of joint-stock agreements will be now strengthened.