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Putin: further to see, it is necessary to sit above

Prime minister Vladimir Putin has arrived today on a forum the Forum Russia (organizers — the Savings Bank and the Three Dialogue ) Also has told to the world what he sees the future Russia and its role in the world. The West epoch leaves, time of developing countries comes.

Plenary session of a forum on which there has arrived Vladimir Putin, was called the Russian economy during an epoch of global changes . The head of the Savings Bank Herman Gref has begun with the Chinese wisdom: do not allow to you to live god during an epoch of changes! And to us has carried to live during an epoch of global changes . Also has designated presence at a forum eks - the Minister of Finance of Russia Alexey Kudrin (nowadays works at transitional economy Institute).

Kudrin asked: Perhaps it is time to pass by a stability epoch? — Gref continued. — Kudrin otkrestilsja: No, we will live during a transition period epoch so my institute " is called;. And the institute of the developed capitalism at us is not present .

in a hall was two persons who have predicted crisis, — The Nobel prize winner in the field of Pol Krugman economy and the professor of economy of University of New York Nuriel Rubini. Nakarkali, — Vladimir Putin has smiled. — shamans .

the Prime minister has begun the performance too with a joke: further to see, it is necessary to sit above . And from a position highly sitting has told that thinks of global economy and a place of Russia in this world. any of the reasons of present financial shocks is not eliminated till now, — Vladimir Putin considers. — moreover, crisis passes in a new stage and bares deep problems — debt crisis of corporations and the whole states, a disbalance of inflated unreasonably financial sector .

the Financial sector is torn off from real economy, Vladimir Putin ascertained. abundantly clear, the world already never will be such, as before, — the Russian prime minister has continued. — Comes to an end 500 - the summer period of domination of some the states: the West leaves on the second plan, the role of the countries Asian - Pacific region, including the countries BRICK " raises;.

Though before analytics crisis drew more iridescent picture for traditional leaders, Vladimir Putin has reminded. And against Russian dashing 1990 - h the economy of the West and at all seemed firm. And now for Europe living on credit (cumulative — 90 %), come sobering up.

Vladimir Putin has reminded and about structural problems of economy of the USA (a debt 15,3 trln the dollars exceed gross national product). it does not please Us, — a few having replaced tone, the head of the Russian government has noticed. — first of all these system risks create threat for global economy. Economic health of the same China depends on them .

Vladimir Putin has drawn two scenarios for world economy — Negative (an aggravation of problems at inability to make the decision, further proedanie the future with trading wars, political instability and middle class washing out) and positive (refusal of economy of bubbles). The world should return to creation of workplaces, instead of shtampovaniju derivativov. By expert estimations, in the world nearby 60 trln dollars of real actives and ten times more than derivative financial tools — Vladimir Putin has resulted statistics.

Forthcoming decade — time of the big calls and transformations. Inevitably there will be new economic centres of the world. there is every chance that Russia, &mdash becomes one of them; the prime minister hopes. — we have finished a Post-Soviet stage of development. This year the WTO we join, a ball on our party . Vladimir Putin also has reminded about EEP: the market of 170 million persons, purchasing capacity 3,3 trln dollars (we concede only the USA, to China, India and Japan). At Russia the sixth place among the largest economy of the world also is every chance to enter into the five.

Having listed achievements (the lowest in the world a state debt at a rate of 10 % of gross national product from which on external 2,5 % are necessary only, the third gold and exchange currency reserves in the world), Vladimir Putin has passed to problems. Russia is included into the five of the countries with potential for attraction of foreign investments, — he has declared. — but is on shameful 120 - m a place on an investment climate. Poor realisation of rich potential — a historical problem. A problem of our generation — to break off a vicious circle .

the Main jerk which should be made Russia, — to raise efficiency of manufactures and to overcome technical backlog. It is necessary to start the continuous motor of creation of modern well paid workplaces. And in not raw sector. it will be the visible certificate of changes in Russia, — Vladimir Putin considers. — In the world there is a competition for the capital. The prize means new quality of life and possibility .

We put a problem in the nearest some years to enter into number of the countries with the most attractive business climate, — Vladimir Putin`s words have sunk in an applause. — we need to make 100 steps forward — with 120 - go on 20 - e a place to rise in a world rating . The prime minister has let know that in real life all is extremely pragmatic: connection terms to electric systems will be reduced four times, the bookkeeper will spend for the reporting three times less time, the waggon seven times will faster cross border, the permission to building — five times faster, and papers it will be necessary three times less. For businessmen the innocence presumption will operate. Not the official should decide that is necessary for the investor, and businessmen will formulate, what procedures are necessary in tax, financial and other measurement.

We should change the country, — Vladimir Putin has finished performance. — so was in 2000 - h when we collected Russia. And now, only on new principles .