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Berezovsky admitted that financed orange revolution in Ukraine

the Businessman and the disgraced oligarch Boris Berezovsky living in exile in London, has told in interview the Internet - to TV channel the Rain how many money it has enclosed in orange revolution and also in what case it will return to Russia. G - n Berezovsky also named, whom he would like to see on a post of the president of the country.

G - n Berezovsky admitted, what exactly it sponsored orange revolution in Ukraine. to me Yushchenko has addressed, and I supported all. Certainly, it would take place and without me too. I consider that there would be somebody another who would support — has noted g - n Berezovsky. if the idea correct who realises this idea from who has money, it in general - that has no value. In this case I have realised it. Not I would realise it, they would find means, I do not doubt it at all — he has assured.

They understood that I am ready to help them that I believe in idea that I trust in Yushchenko and Timoshenko, that is I was most easier for convincing — has explained g - n Berezovsky the decision to sponsor orange revolution . He has declared that in Ukraine it has spent 50 million dollars for these purposes I consider it as one of the most effective investments of my means during all my life — it is convinced g - n Berezovsky.

the Disgraced oligarch has declared that he feels also the influence on current political process and is not afraid that the opposition can not accept it. well will not accept and will not accept, well you will make … I will consider it wrong, but I so will consider it — he has declared. I consider that if to the power the democratic mode comes, it cannot forbid to go to me to Russia. They cannot simply forbid me and if forbid, means, they about what we speak " is exact not; — the oligarch considers.

Also he has told, what role Russia Michael Khodorkovsky now plays. any following mode does not have chance not to let out Khodorkovsky. Here whoever has come — communists, democrats, Zhirinovsky — they will let out Khodorkovsky Esli Khodorkovsky was not tired and will do about what he writes, and becomes a part of political life of Russia, it becomes the unconditional leader of opposition — it is assured g - n Berezovsky.

Particularly they should understand — and Navalnyj, and others, — That, as soon as Khodorkovsky will be free, competition level for opposition will raise repeatedly, and I am not assured that, for example, the opposition will prefer Navalnomu, instead of Khodorkovsky with Lebedev — believes g - n Berezovsky.

On a question whom he would want to see on a post of the president of Russia, g - n Berezovsky has short answered: Lenju Parfyonov .