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Without Shipulina, but with Cherezovym

In Holmenkollene will pass the seventh stage of a World Cup on biathlon

After a fortnight break World Cup competitions on biathlon renew. The first of the remained three stages starts today in Holmenkollene. Now in the Cup of the nations both our commands &mdash are in the lead; both man`s, and female, and in the general offset Olga Zajtseva and Andrey Makoveev go on the fifth position.

To a women`s team on - former much more questions, than to man`s. Interest to it was above prior to the beginning of a season — from a national team German expert Wolfgang Pihler, and, certainly, has started to work as all it was curious that at it it will turn out. Possibly, there was also a jealousy share — whether it was necessary to invite in general to a post of the trainer of the foreigner, if in native fatherland of experts a pond prudi? While sceptics hardly probable not at each stage receive acknowledgement of the correctness — Female Russian national team is in the lead in the general offset, but basically this leadership is extracted by Olga Zajtsevoj`s efforts. It would not have great value if it the part of early preparation did not pass independently. The same who prepared for starts under the direction of Pihlera while run ordinary. To the season middle hardly Svetlana Sleptsovoj`s results have improved, hardly Olga Viluhina, but general impression while dim enough became better to look. In relay races the command looks not bad, and in individual offset, except Zajtsevoj, in ten the best Russians is not present.

Before the Norwegian stage in a women`s team cold epidemic has burst, from - for which have suffered Olga Zajtseva, Svetlana Sleptsova, Ekaterina Jurlova and Anna Bogaly - Titovets. Train in full they could not, so concerning their future performance it is necessary to do forecasts carefully. In sprint (it is the first race in Holmenkollene) Zajtseva, Viluhina, Sleptsova, Glazyrina, Jurlova and Bulygin will run, come back to a national team, and structure of weights - start will be defined later.

In a man`s national team of problems it is much less. From - for problems with health Anton Shipulin of which has been decided to keep simply &mdash has been discharged of participation in sprint; basically the sportsman is already healthy, be necessity for its performance, it would leave on start. Has filled up structure of a national team Alexey Volkov who has brightly proved in the European championship. According to the senior trainer of a man`s national team Andrey Gerbulova­, Volkova have quite good chances to act in Sunday weights - start.

Has started to train and one of leaders of a command, Ivan Cherezov who has passed all season from - for a serious trauma. To act in a World Cup it it is not ready yet — According to same Gerbulova, on a shooting range on gathering in Anterselve Cherezov looked pretty well, but the physical form will type nebystro. Nevertheless the fact of returning in a system of the high quality biathlonist should influence mood in a command.