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To Alla, garage

Small manufacturers of wine can be released from excise marks and EGAIS

the Union of wine-growers and wine makers of Russia (SVVR) wants to facilitate life to small manufacturers of the wine concentrated in basic in the south of the country. Now the union carries on negotiations from Ministry of economic development and trade and Rosalkogolregulirovaniem (RAR) for releasing so-called garage wine makers from necessity to glue excise marks on the bottles and to fix production in EGAIS. If its arguments are heard, in Krasnodar territory there can be a whole network own wine shato.

last year the Russian wine makers did not manage to convince officials of necessity of creation of own branch law and transfer of a part of powers on regulation of the market from RAR to the Ministry of Agriculture. Despite the positive resolution of president Dmitry Medvedev on the reference of the branch unions of wine makers, to process at first to realisation of their offers and has not been set in motion. Against the wine law have acted RAR and Ministry of economic development and trade then the initiative has completely sunk in the device supervising branch of the first vitse - prime minister Victor Zubkov.

Having failed in dialogue with the president, wine makers have decided to come on the other hand a ruling tandem. By results of a meeting of premieres - minister Vladimir Putin with representatives Business Russia which the owner of the company " heads; Abrau - Djurso Boris Titov, the chairman of the government has charged Ministry of economic development and trade and RAR to understand in problems of wine makers.

Under the information daily, Boris Titov`s meeting with the head of Ministry of economic development and trade Elvira Nabiullina in which course he has stated specific proposals on support of small winemaking in Russia yesterday has taken place. I once again have orally sounded our position on this question, on what g - zha Nabiullina has told that to it our offers are clear, and Ministry of economic development and trade is ready to participate actively in their discussion - has declared g - n Titov after a meeting. The source in RAR has specified that in department are familiar with offers of wine makers, but has found it difficult to sound thus a regulator position on this point in question.

By words g - on Titov, he suggests to resolve garage to wine makers to work without the licence, to release them from a duty to paste excise marks on bottles and to register volume of output in system EGAIS. Thus they will acquire the right to sell wine only at themselves in economy, working on model wine tourism . Besides, if these offers are realised, in manufacture of wines individual businessmen can be engaged. Now legal persons have such right only.

Boris Titov has underlined that initiators of modification of the law on state regulation of the alcoholic market will not admit, that manufacturers have got to the category of small wine makers doubtful domestic wines . obligatory certification of quality of production Will be entered, - has assured g - n Titov. - Besides, wine makers should have cash registers for trade in wine and regularly pay taxes .

Now the small winemaking practically has no chances of a survival, - head SVVR Leonid Popovich speaks. - If you do not have 100 hectares of own vineyards it is simply impossible to pay the costs necessary for performance of requirements which are shown by the state to manufacturers . By words g - on Popovicha, developers 171 - FZ were guided only by large manufacturers of alcohol. such approach suits manufacturers of vodka, but is absolutely unacceptable for manufacturers of wine - it is assured g - n by Popovich.

Small vinodelcheskie economy are compelled to find ways to bypass norm of the law, the owner " told earlier daily; garage economy semigore Gennady Oparin: We have no right to sell wine, therefore sell excursions in our economy in which course stay have possibility to taste wines .

According to SVVR, now small vinodelcheskie economy make no more than 0,05 % of volume of the Russian wine. However, according to wine experts, production of such economy in most cases essentially surpasses mass Russian wine in the quality.

the Director of branch agency TSIFRRA Vadim Drobiz does not doubt that sooner or later wine makers will manage to achieve for the branch of separate regulation. it is necessary to create conditions for small winemaking as it becomes all over the world - the expert has noted. Under its data, in southern regions of Russia 340 thousand in hectare of the earth on which it would be possible to create vineyards today is not used.