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Breakdown susceptibility without borders

the Office of Public Prosecutor of Petersburg has found an opening for corruption in the city law on security zones

Office of Public Prosecutor of Petersburg has risen on protection of historical buildings and demands to legalise accurate criteria on which decisions on impossibility of their reconstruction will be made. Lawyers are assured that law updatings “ About borders of zones of protection of objects of a cultural heritage in territory of St.-Petersburg “ many constructions all the same will not rescue.

the Discontent of Office of Public Prosecutor has caused absence in the law “ About borders of zones of protection of objects of a cultural heritage in territory of St.-Petersburg “ criteria according to which the decision on impossibility of restoration of buildings is made. Now in the document it is said that the pulling down of the buildings recognised as monuments, and also " is forbidden; historical buildings, except emergency, in case of impossibility of their restoration “. According to Office of Public Prosecutor, such formulation allows officials to resolve a housebreaking at own discretion.

Historical buildings are the objects constructed till 1917, not recognised as the monuments, located in a zone of historical building and cities forming a front line, the head of practice on real estate and investments of the legal ­ company " has explained daily­; Kachkin and partners “ Dmitry Nekrestjanov. At present the conflict round a possible pulling down ", for example, proceeds; Houses Abazes “ on quay of Fontanka, 23. A building recognition in Small Sea street where now in already restored house there is a metro station lobby “ Admiralty “

the Legislative Assembly of Petersburg at yesterday`s session has agreed with the requirement of Office of Public Prosecutor. According to the speaker of parliament Vyacheslav Makarova, pravoprimenitelnaja practice for three years has shown that different interpretations in this question lead to town-planning conflicts.

In a press - to service vitse - governor Igor Metelsky who is responsible now for town-planning questions, have informed that the law “ About modes and borders of zones of protection “ does not assume entering of amendments, and can be considered and accepted anew only entirely. “ Therefore it was accepted and it is co-ordinated with gradozashchitnikami the decision to publish the document project on the Internet and to collect all offers on amendments to it “ - have noted in a press - service. The law will appear in the Network already today, offers is planned to collect within a month, and by the summer in Smolnom expect to receive already the ready document which would suit all interested parties.

According to Dmitry Nekrestjanova, the contentious clause fresh wording should contain some essential elements in the law: carrying out of expert research by the special commission which will include professionals in reconstruction and building as from among state structures, and representatives of the public, and also an estimation of degree of breakdown susceptibility by in advance established technical criteria. “ the description of all procedures on examination of a building which precede decision-making on a pulling down " should be thoroughly worked; - the director of department of investment sales NAI Becar in St.-Petersburg Andrey Bojkov adds. Deputy Alexey Kovalev considers that criteria should not be based on “ to norm of deterioration “ as for all old houses it makes 70, and sometimes and 100 %. G - n Kovalev believes that criteria of durability of a laying, overlappings, the base by which it is possible to measure by special devices, and not just subjective opinion of experts will be objective. “ there is no such building which could not be deduced technically from an emergency condition “ - the deputy is assured. The general director “ Colliers International St.-Petersburg “ Nikolay Kazansky believes that absence of possibility to recognise a building emergency and to take down, accordingly, having spent more means for realisation of the project, should not frighten off potential investors. “ them push away opacity of many soglasovatelnyh procedures and possibility of ambiguous treatment of the law. If the new variant contains the accurate and clear description of procedure of the coordination interested investors necessarily will be “ - Nikolay Kazansky speaks.

Lawyers, however, notice that even if in the document will be registered that no building in city centre can be taken down, does not guarantee 100 - percentage protection as, for example, if from object there is whole at least one element this kind of works any more is not called as a pulling down, and is qualified as “ reconstruction with a full pulling down “.