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VTB rescues tourists

On the instructions of Putin bank will give out 7 million dollars suffering crash Lanta - round to voyage

Yesterday late at night VTB and Lanta - round voyage have signed the credit agreement on 7 million dollars There was it thanks to unexpected protection of premieres - minister Vladimir Putin who has the day before appointed this bank to a role of the saviour of clients of careless tour operator.

According to the signed agreement, VTB will give Lanta - round to voyage the credit for 7 million dollars for a period of five years under 12 % annual. Money stands out under the personal guarantee of heads of tour operator of Lyudmila and Igor Puchkovyh. The credit will allow the company to renew this morning already payments in all hotels before which there are debts.

All the debts of tour operator against partners make 20 million dollars, admitted the president Lanta - voyage round Lyudmila Puchkova. According to the chairman of Consumers union Peter Shelishcha who refers to the information from participants of the market, tour operator debts reach 40 million dollars

Earlier it became known that to suspend the activity Lanta - round voyage has compelled refusal of its basic creditor the Master - bank to grant the loan. The master - bank declares that has refused the credit to tour operator from - for its bad financial conditions. At the same time zamglavy Rosturizma Evgenie Pisarevsky has told that the financial documents of the company presented to its department, were in perfect tune.

the Credit the Master - bank was necessary, in particular, for debts repayment before Aeroflot which has refused to give out air tickets to tourists. The credit should make 30 million rbl. On Wednesday Aeroflot has officially informed that a debt Lanta - voyage round before the company has reached 63 million rbl. The debts were observed by results of 33 decades, told in the airline message.

the Debt a management Lanta - voyage round promised to extinguish till January, 23rd, 2012 after credit reception in the Master - bank, but also after refusal of bank the tour operator has continued to increase debts, confirms Aeroflot . In airline the decision on reduction of volumes of booking of the company " was accepted; Lanta - round voyage - it is told in the message. In Aeroflot have remembered also a debt the round Capital for the sum more than 2 million dollars which should be written off airlines in losses.

Enviable efficiency from which the tour operator which has stopped the activity on January, 27th, could receive money in VTB, speaks intervention of head of the government Vladimir Putin which on Tuesday has charged to the minister of sports and tourism to Vitaly Mutko to help Lanta - round to voyage To pay off with counterparts abroad. Then g - n Putin has decided that financial side will be provided with bank VTB.

According to Rosturizma, abroad now remain 2,1 thousand the Russian tourists who have bought the permits at Lanta - voyage round . Nearby 900 persons are in Thailand, 322 - in Czechia, 312 - in India, 300 - in Vietnam, all the geography of the suffered travellers covers 15 countries. According to preliminary data Rosturizma, all have suffered 3,7 thousand persons.

Precisely to count up, how many the person could not use bought in Lanta - round voyage rounds and skolkih tour operator crash has found on rest, it is not obviously possible yet. According to the head of department on public relations Ingosstraha Vladimir Kleymenov, the tour operator could not give the company the full register of tourists yet, at the disposal of the insurer there is only a list of those who should go on rest since January, 28th. Such while it was typed about 1 thousand persons. By data for evening of environment the same quantity of people have addressed to the insurer with statements.