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Rostelecom the Operator has added screens

has shown the best dynamics in 2011 in the market of digital paid television

Rostelecom became the second operator of digital paid television in Russia following the results of 2011 with base of 703 thousand subscribers. The company has outstripped the bonus provider of NTV + by quantity of the connected households. In the end of 2010 the company took only the fifth place in this market from 330 thousand connections. Experts believe that success Rostelecom has provided transition from out-of-date technology DSL on FTTH at which the fibre-optical cable is spent directly to apartment.

By estimates of Telecomdaily, the market of paid digital television includes 10,3 million Russian families following the results of 2011. At the expense of a government program tsifrovizatsii by the end of 2012 their number should reach 14 million households, researchers consider. By the end of last year the volume of this market has reached 16 mlrd rbl. Level of penetration of such television has made 19 % of households. In a common market of paid television (26 million households in Russia) digital on the end of last year has grasped a share in 40 % of the market.

the Leader on user`s base remains Trikolor TV from 7,5 million connections. Head Telecomdaily Denis Kuskov notices that the operator wins at the expense of monopoly in regions where there is no fibre-optical infrastructure. Trikolor TV keeps the lowest ARPU in 50 rbl. a month. The third place after Rostelecom occupies NTV + from 650 thousand connections with ARPU. However the number of its clients has changed slightly for a year, analysts mark. NTV + works on for a long time developed user`s base, keeping the highest ARPU in 600 rbl. a month. But now spectators prefer to connect cheaper packages of other providers where some NTV channels + " already enter; — explains g - n Pieces. The operator of satellite television Orion the express train has risen on the fourth line following the results of 2011, having increased user`s base twice concerning 2010. In the five of the Russian leaders of digital paid television for the first time it was possible to escape and to Vympelcom (about 500 thousand subscribers). It shares this position with Akado which has saved up 502 thousand active connections only at the expense of Moscow. On a share of the largest operators it is necessary more than 95 % of all market of digital TV, it is told in the report.

the Press - service Rostelecom explains considerable growth of connections for 2011 as acquisitions, and organic growth of connections. For a year to Rostelecom It was possible to increase user`s base in the market paid the Internet - television from 300 thousand to 700 thousand subscribers, the representative of the operator Oleg Rumjantsev ascertains. As he said, it was possible including at the expense of acquisition of cable operator NTK. However the basic part of its announcement occurs in an analogue format. Besides, we actively develop service IPTV in regions — marks g - n Rumjantsev. From the end of 2010 the operator has started to work on technology FTTH which is more safe and allows to advance easier konvergentnye services, than become outdated DSL — speaks g - n Pieces. The project of paid TV in Rostelecom Pavel Zajtseva`s command supervises. Development of the market of paid TV — one of key directions in strategy of the operator. A gain Rostelecom from granting of services in this segment should increase the next five years at least in 20 times, it is told in strategy of the operator.