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The high definition for poor

Free HD - television will appear in Russia since March of this year

Yesterday Russian a body - and a broadcasting network together with Rostelecom and the Ministries of Emergency Measures have stopped to test technology of television of a high definition of standard DVB - T2. Now it will be possible to show TV channels of the first multiplexes in HD - quality, however experts notice that till now in the Russian market are not present not only the equipment which would support a similar format, but also the TV channels broadcasting it. To correct a situation plan companies Samsung and Panasonic, and also the Russian developers of prefixes for TV.

About end of testing of technology DVB - T2 have officially told daily in the company Russian a body - and a broadcasting network (RTRS). According to the interlocutor of the edition, ran in technology the company Rostelecom on an example of the services and the Ministry of Emergency Measures. The technology allows to increase the maximum speed of a transport stream in one frequency channel to 50 Mbit/ c (the previous technology DVB - T assumed speed to 30 Mbit/). It is planned that introduction DVB - T2 will begin in March of this year at first in Kazan, on Kuban and then in St.-Petersburg. In the company Rostelecom truth, the participation in technology testing deny. To receive the operative comment from a press - services of the Ministry of Emergency Measures it was not possible.

the Decision to introduce technology DVB - T2 even in the autumn of 2011 has accepted the Ministry of Communications, however till now in Russia there is no equipment which would support the given format. To correct a situation company Samsung which since March of this year will start to deliver on the Russian market TVs with support DVB - T2 should. In the company have confirmed that took part in technology testing, but the information on the nearest starts of grocery rulers have preferred to keep a secret.

According to the interlocutor daily, company Panasonic also is interested in delivery of the final equipment to the Russian market, however any concrete steps yet has not undertaken. Besides, prefixes will make various domestic factories for TVs in Kaliningrad (General Satellite), Ufa, Omsk and Barnaul.

the General director of company TelecomDaily Denis Kuskov asserts that by means of new technology it is possible to transfer in one and a half time of more information. For this reason the announcement in format HD of all TV channels of the first multiplex (" will be possible; the First channel Russia 1 Russia 2 Russia 24 Russia To Petersburg - the Fifth channel NTV and detsko - youthful TV channel the Roundabout ) . However the unique channel which has at present mastered an announcement in a quality format, only the First channel the expert speaks.