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Generators have forgotten to warn

Leaving Rusala from the electric power market has urged on splash in the prices

Rusal Oleg Deripaska henceforth will not be irritating factor in the Siberian power market. Under the informal information, convicted FAS in a manipulation the prices the company was obliged to refuse similar practice in exchange for the termination of trials on earlier revealed episodes. the gentleman`s agreement has come into force since December, 1st and became the reason of splash in the prices in the market: the generators earlier actively counteracting metallurgists by market methods, have forgotten to warn about the termination Rusalom optimising actions. Now Rusal has left a free power market of Siberia, having translated the factories on direct contracts with generators.

Long struggle FAS with Rusalom Trying to optimise the expenses on the electric power in the second price zone (Siberia), has come to the end with a funny thing. The consumer has refused attempts of influence on market prices that has led to a rise in prices in December on 17 %.

claims to actions Rusala in a power market have arisen in 2009 - heads OGK - 4, OGK - 6, TGK - 11, novosibirskenergo and to the Siberian power company (supervises TGK - 12 and TGK - 13) have stated them in the letter to Oleg Deripaska. Reducing volume of demands in the market for days forward (RSV), metallurgists submitted the raised demands in the balancing market (BR). It led to falling of the prices on RSV and to their growth on BR, but at the expense of a difference of volumes the consumer was the winner. The federal antimonopoly service recognised two cases of a manipulation as the prices in August-September, 2009 and has fined Rusal on 10 million rbl. Besides, antimonopolshchiki have established that in October 2009 - December, 2010 Oleg Deripaska`s factories submitted the co-ordinated demands in a price range 350-500 rbl. for 1 MVt ch. Business has been allocated in separate manufacture, but decision removal on it FAS till now did not declare.

in the Autumn of the past year generators began to complain again that Rusal submits the demands which are selling short. In the answer generators have applied the same market mechanism, levelling influence of metallurgists on the market giving raising demands, tells a source in the market, familiar with a situation. After that FAS and Rusal have agreed about the conclusion the gentleman`s agreement : the consumer stopped practice of influence on the market, the supervising body stopped trial on the previous episodes.

the Discomfiture has happened after December, 1st when aljuminshchiki have started to carry out the stipulated fairly. However the parties have not warned about the arrangement of generators which have continued giving supporting demands for increase . As a result in December in the second price zone there was a splash in the prices for 17 %. Guilty in this process, as a matter of fact, is not present - participants fairly carried out of the obligations for conditions normalisation in a power market. all have led well and correctly, but the price has grown on 17 % - the interlocutor summarises.

to Receive comments en face yesterday it was not possible. Heads of two genkompany, working in Siberia, assert that know nothing about agreement FAS and Rusala . Generators never submitted the overestimated demands. Demands are rigidly supervised by Council of the market and FAS. The price which has developed in December reflects real expenses of generators for electric power manufacture - adds one of them. Presence the gentleman`s agreement with FAS deny and in Rusale . Metallurgists also deny the participation in December splash. the Siberian factories of the company have concluded direct contracts on delivery of energy and do not submit price demands - have informed in a press - service Rusala .

Leaving Rusala from the free market of the second price zone is sign for its participants. Making comments on norm introduction about indemnification the consumer to the difference market between the established tariff for capacity and results of competitive selection of capacity, zamgendirektora Rusala Vadim Geraskin in the end of November has informed on revision of conditions of bilaterial contracts with Irkutskenergo and Krasnoyarsk HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION. As he said, expenses are redistributed on the electric power, and the company has ceased to pay extra on the market. In this context transition to direct contracts can be considered as a way of optimisation of payments for the electric power, analyst HSBC Dmitry Konovalov speaks.