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Emotional investments

In Maastricht there passes the largest fair of art TEFAF

In the Dutch Maastricht has opened TEFAF - The European Fine Art Fair, the largest and most dear European fair of old art. Galleries from the different countries represent here ten thousand subjects of antiques for a total sum more than 1 mlrd dollars

Present TEFAF - anniversary. Exactly 25 years ago the Dutch antiquaries have made for the first time the decision on the organisation of national fair which after quarter of the century could grow in the most authoritative platform on antiques sale in the world. Some events are dated for celebrating at once. In particular, the Parisian fund Custodia represents the special exposition devoted to drawing of old masters - Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens, Rembrandt and other first names. And at partnership of portal Artnet the symposium devoted to the market of art has been organised. To it with lectures have invited the several dear European professors studying not only economic aspects art - the market, but also, for example, so-called emotional actives.

And emotions on TEFAF suffice - those which on art - the market frequently are the main engine of the buyer. More than two hundred galleries represent actually all history of art which it is possible to admire not simply, but also at corresponding possibilities to carry away with themselves. The whole city of art (here there are streets, the areas, police and first aid) is divided into sections - from archaeological antiquities before products of second half of XX-th century.

On central square Place de la Concorde - the most dear and influential antiquaries. Such as the Parisian gallery Kugel at which at the stand it is possible to find, for example, Napoleon`s coronation portrait I (1,5 million euro), or londonsko - nju - jorskaja Dickinson, on an input at which flaunts a man`s portrait of a brush of Picasso (5 million euro). Last opens the big section of art of the XX-th century, impressionists and modernistov. The disorder of products and the prices here is great: so, it is possible to buy Modigliani`s fine drawing from gallery Thomas for 890 thousand euro, at Landau - work of the most expensive sculptor in the world of Alberto Dzhakometti which will manage in 19 million euro.

And still on - former pride TEFAF - old masters: with what fair began. Here there are the leaders one of which came time and again to Moscow, - gallery De Jonchkeere. At it at the stand the work which has got to a top - fair sheet, - " hangs, for example; the Crop Peter Brueghel - younger euro for 5,5 million. Some more its works are already sold - despite the prices, sales and reserves occur on TEFAF still during the first hours works, and sometimes and at all before opening.

The sections are devoted decoratively - to applied art and furniture, archeological finds, among which drevneegipetskie and antique rarities, and also to works on a paper (at gallery Stephan Ongpin the collection of drawings of Tepolo is exposed, for example,). To examine all this abundance, one day (fair is opened till next Sunday) is required not. For those who buys, authenticity of works guarantees advisory council from 155 experts from different areas. For the same who simply looks, impressions are guaranteed by art. These emotional investments will manage where more cheaply, only at the price of the entrance ticket.