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Till the end of the year in Moscow will be closed two ten markets

According to plans available in the capital government, till the end of current year in a city 19 markets will be closed, three of them are already closed. The head of department of the consumer market and services of capital has informed on it Michael Orlov at today`s meeting in the government of Moscow on operative questions.

This plan assumes closing of 19 markets in the city of Moscow, from them three objects are already closed. Thus in a city on the end of the year there will be 48 objects of marketing from which 42 are agricultural markets - the head of the capital department which words are resulted on a site of the government of Moscow has declared.

Michael Orlov during meeting has reminded that last year from - for infringements has been closed 14 markets and trading complexes. Among them so-called trading complexes which actually represented the plane ware markets. These are the markets Luzniki and Emeral .

Also the head of department has underlined that marketing indicators in Moscow considerably exceed the all-Russian.

Eagles has told that now in capital work on modernisation of objects of retail trade is conducted. By May, 2012 there will be a full modernisation of the Usachevsky market while modernisation of the Leningrad market is already spent.

In the conclusion the head of Department of the consumer market and capital services has told that in Moscow works on the organisation of the markets of the day off are spent.