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To skim the cream off with dotkomov

SEC has fined the funds selling vtridoroga actions Facebook and Twitter

Sotsseti Facebook and Twitter did not leave yet on stock markets, and their actions already became a profit subject. The American regulator SEC has fined funds and their managers who overestimated a stock value of these and other companies, and also made profit of commission fee. Swindlers have earned on similar transactions of ten millions, but now they should pay huge penalties.

According to SEC, Frenk Matstsola and its funds Felix Investments and Facie Libre Management Associates involved with a deceit investors for investments in preliminary IPO such companies, as Facebook, Twitter and a number of others the Internet - firms. Funds informed potential investors unreliable information on quantity of actions in the property and deformed essential facts about the companies, for example about their gain. As informs The Washington Post, in 2010 Matstsola has written to the future investor that it is ostensibly well familiar with the high-ranking employees Twitter who have merged to it the information on very good forthcoming financial results of year.

Besides, Felix Investments and Facie Libre received the additional commission from sale of actions in addition to openly established at a rate of 5 % on what to investors it was not informed. As a result of a victim of swindle overpaid the considerable sums for actions sotssetej. Funds Matstsoly have earned on it about 56 million dollars

Similar charges have been put forward against head EB Financial Group Lawrence Albukerka hiding from investors the sizes of gathering for management by two funds on purchase of actions Facebook. According to SEC, Albukerk received the additional commission which has brought to it in total 15,4 million dollars EB Financial over the put 5 % has decided to settle dispute in a pre-judicial order and to pay 100 thousand Penalty dollars, and also 210 thousand dollars as indemnification for the caused damage.

One more investigation was conducted against the trading platform SharesPost which is the intermediary at purchase and sale of actions the Internet - resources. The company and its general director Greg Brogger were accused SEC that the platform has not been officially registered as the broker organisation when has begun trade, and also in nakrutke the prices for actions. SharesPost has agreed on the penalty at a rate of 80 thousand dollars 20 thousand dollars More the penalty will pay to a regulator Brogger.

Purchase of actions to IPO the companies is big and profitable business in the USA. Funds hope to make profit of transactions after primary placing. And always there are employees of the companies - holders of actions, which are ready to leave them to receive cash - head Strand Consult John Strend has told daily.

Interest of investors to actions sotssetej is now very great, especially against a forthcoming exit on stock exchange Facebook and Twitter. IPO Facebook will take place in the spring or summer of this year and, predictably, will collect to 5 mlrd dollars As to Twitter about an exit on stock market the company management yet has not accepted the final decision, but, under messages of mass-media, it can occur in 2013. Estimated cost Facebook and Twitter on SharesPost now makes 96 mlrd and 9,5 mlrd dollars accordingly.