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Pre-election zachistka

In China the visible party functionary

the Central committee of Communist Party of China is sent in resignation has sent in resignation of the visible party figure Bo Silaja heading secretary of Communist Party committee of one of the largest cities of the country - Chungking. Got popularity at the expense of a number of progressive reforms and rigid fight against corruption, g - n Bo had every chance to be a part of standing committee of the Political bureau of the Central Committee of a handheld computer (the main supervising body of the country) at party congress in this autumn.

the Message on resignation of Bo Silaja has appeared next day after upon it has fallen with criticism of premieres of the State Council of the country Ven Tszjabao. Scandal round approached to g - well Bo of the official - vitse - the mayor of Chungking Van Litszjunja became an occasion to discontent. In February g - n Van has spent in consulate general of the USA in a city of Chengdu almost days. On an exit from a building the official has been detained at once by local law enforcement bodies. Under the version of some mass-media, Van Litszjun tried to request the status of the political refugee of Washington.

Removal from a post g - on Bo, is considered by local political scientists, gives up as a bad job its political career, even in spite of the fact that the high-ranking functionary for the present formally keeps membership in the ­ Central Committee Political bureau­. It was expected that typed popularity at the expense of fight against corruption the official will manage to be a part of the Political bureau personal computer­, the most part from which nine persons should retire from - for respectable age. Names of new members “ the magnificent nine “ will be named at forthcoming XVIII congress of Communist Party of China in this autumn.

Bo Silaj earlier holding a post of the minister of commerce of the Peoples Republic of China, has got popularity for the policy on clearing of Chungking of corruption and domination of criminality. It also advanced collectivist values of times maoistskogo China and tried to combine ideas of market economy with communistic dogmas.

the Interrogated experts have found it difficult to tell, to which Chinese political clan has passed road Bo Silaj, however are assured that this decision was accepted at level of the personal computer of the Political bureau where the most probable successors of prime minister Ven Tszjabao and the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China Hu Jintao - Whether accordingly Ketjan and Si Tszinpin, by the way, enter.

“ the Place in the Political bureau, and furthermore in the Political bureau personal computer - the most valuable trophy for the Chinese politicians. Forthcoming change of a management of China has opened magnificent possibilities for domination on a political scene of the country of such people, as Bo Silaj and Si Tszinpin. Bo Silaj has worked hard to make impression upon citizens and to catch this place while Si Tszinpin is already entered into management structure. Resignation of Bo Silaja gives up as a bad job its struggle for the political power “ - analyst LSE Kent Dan has told daily.

“ The events occurring round Bo Silaja, caused serious concern in the Communist Party management. However, the same events of a distance it an occasion to resignation of the functionary which in party circles has got to itself reputation of the uneasy populist. The party also has had an opportunity easy and without any unexpectedness to spend delegation of power to a new management at forthcoming congress “ - the political scientist of the Stockholm institute of the world of Oliver Brauner has told daily.

Successor Bo Silaja on a post of the party secretary of Chungking becomes vitse - the prime minister of State Council Chzhan Detszjan who has received economic education in Northern Korea. Nevertheless g - n Chzhan which also are a part of the Political bureau­, hardly can apply for membership in the personal computer. “ Chzhan Detszjan most likely will not go on increase at the nearest congress of Communist Party in spite of the fact that its chances to make the way to the very top have essentially increased. It have put to supervise over Chungking as true to the centre of the person which is useful on this place “ - analyst Chatham House of Roderik Vaj has explained daily.