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After two years without the president Moldova at last has chosen the head of the country

In Moldova for the third year of unsuccessful attempts parliament has suddenly elected the president of republic. Deputies could agree and have voted for the unique candidate on Nikolay Timofti`s this post. It holds a post of the chairman of the High council of a magistracy of Moldova.

As Moldova is parliamentary republic also the president deputies here choose. The president is selected in parliament of the three fifth voices (a minimum 61 of 101). And for Nikolay Timofti`s election 62 deputies have voted. One voice has decided political destiny of republic, reports.

before a voting procedure Nikolay Timofti has addressed to deputies. He has called for society association, having declared that the European integration can become consolidating idea. He also has declared necessity to spend the clever foreign policy consisting in support of relations with all external partners at preservation of a strategic course on joining in EU, informs Regnum. ru.

present elections were boycotted by the largest opposition party of the country Party of communists of Republic of Moldova. On the special session of parliament devoted to elections, three members PKRM have come only. Oppositionists are convinced that the power in Moldova is usurped, and present voting was not than other, as a farce.

Last presidential elections of Moldova have been broken on November, 18th, 2011 from - for absence of the registered candidates. The Moldavian members of parliament and could not agree about the applicant for a post of the president of the country. In republic the nominee on a post of the president can be put forward only under condition of its support not less than 15 deputies.

Moldova has beaten a world record that it already more than two years live without the elected president. For this reason in republic since 2009 parliaments of two convocations have been dismissed. Last preschedule parliamentary elections in Moldova have taken place on November, 28th, 2010. Now and this parliament has not found an exit from political deadlock.

the Selected head of Moldova Nikolay Timofti was born on December, 22nd, 1948 in village Chutuleshty of Floreshtsky area of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic in a family deported on political grounds. It works in judicial system of Moldova of 36 years. Nikolay Timofti heads the High council of a magistracy since 2011. With 1996 for 2001 it was the chairman of Appeal chamber of Moldova, was the chairman of Association of judges of Moldova. G - n Timofti is married, at it three sons.