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The searcher for the gone things

the Accessory for iPhone will find out the lost subjects

the American company U Grok It has developed device Grokker which will help to find in the house most often lost things, for example keys. The mainframe reacts on special RFID - labels - they should be pasted on any subject behind which the eye yes an eye is necessary.

the Label contains a tiny microchip which will transmit a signal on the aerial of the base device working together with iPhone. The thing is preliminary necessary for registering, at desire having added in base its photo. When the subject will be lost, the owner needs to connect the smart phone to Grokker by means of the tip, to choose loss in a database and to start scanning in which course visual and the audiohelp sorientirujut, in what direction to spend search. At approach to the lost thing the sound similar to a signal of counter Gejgera will be distributed.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not provided the plan of action if will be lost itself Grokker.

the Mainframe is offered for 100 dollars, and each label will manage to the user in 1 dollars