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The ideological winner: End long - Kia Rio test

Exactly year minul from the moment of world presentation new Rio in Geneva. Lately the car has had time to become one of models, evoljutsionno changed the Russian automobile validity. During the long test daily has tested a car in different situations and it was convinced that on a parity the price - quality of Kia Rio is one of the best offers in the segment.

Kia looks fine and, as well as all successfully rethought models with history, overturns representation about itself. It concerns and an exterior and pleasant sensations which you test, sowing in this car. Never there were desires to get acquainted more close with Rio - the predecessor? Get acquainted with Rio flowing, and let though something, yes positive, you for yourselves will take out, by what you would not go before.

I, for example, have realised that in Rio high-grade salon without stretches. In the sense that a dimensional class above (I mean Cerato) it on sensations does not differ from car salon. Villages behind the driver`s seat adjusted under - to knees expanse. Has settled down on an average place of a sofa - quite tolerantly. Have travelled in the car four together - all well, anybody constrains nobody. From a practicality of a sedan of impression also the positive: pair of the bags taken with self on the way to the airport, visually were lost in luggage carrier space. And so easily took and the prejudice that B - a class in 90 % of cases kurguz inside has evaporated.

Modest dimensions of the car - advantage in city tolchee. With them it is not terrible to park end-to-end to other cars, the same it is possible to tell and about kursirovanii on overloaded pridomovym to territories. That the car short, allows to go safely by it and without parktronikov which in our complete set, for example, it has not been established. The main thing - to be more attentive at movement by a backing.

One more important impression of the test car - it 6 - the step mechanics. From - for an accurate gear change and friendly adjustment of a pedal of coupling the box has appeared comfortable, to be accustomed to it it was not necessary. Together with 1,6 - the litre engine it made fine a command allowing to achieve the excellent expense in 6 l/ 100 km at dynamical driving on a line (I will remind that Kia Rio engine works on 92 - m gasoline).

It is a pity that it was not possible to test the diesel version. Personally witnessed differences in car positioning in Great Britain. In - the first, the rate there is made on a hatchback, in - the second, advancement of a new diesel engine with outstanding characteristics became the basic message of advertising campaign Rio.

kind words are told about silence in Kia Rio salon already many. I will notice that the Korean not only surpasses all schoolmates on whom it was possible to drive, but also many other cars, including with other-wordly in comparison with Rio price lists in this indicator. A noise isolation fantastic!

so representations about what should be modern B - a class, change, for what to founders Rio the big respect. In total some years ago we accepted asceticism and ordinary-looking appearance of a conditional foreign car of Renault Logan for norm, rejoicing to the price of an initial complete set, spacious salon and a giant luggage carrier of this compact.
however for quite some time now in a segment there has come a new era thanks to Hyundai Solaris, a sedan of Volkswagen Polo and, certainly, to the hero of this test. For made money (Kia Rio price - from 469 900 rbl.) now it is possible to buy on - to the present the worthy car.