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RSA remained without control

From the union Dmitry Pozdnyakov

One of heads of the Russian union of autoinsurers (RSA) Dmitry Pozdnyakov has left has left the post after the searches spent in its office by investigating bodies in connection with criminal case about swindle with policies. To the union, planning to make more transparent the orgstrukturu, people with the soiled reputation are not necessary.

Yesterday it became known that the chief kontrolno - analytical department RSA Dmitry Pozdnyakov has left the post after searches of law enforcement bodies in its office about participation in actions of the insurance intermediary AjKjuPolis . In RSA have confirmed the dismissal fact g - on Pozdnyakov, having noticed that he has written a resignation at own will.

Searches in RSA were spent on March, 11th in connection with criminal case under article Swindle Concerning an unstated circle of persons which was raised by investigatory department of branch of internal affairs on the Tver area of Moscow. In May of last year heads of insurance companies RSTK and Skif - Tver have addressed in law enforcement bodies with the statement to check up activity AjKjuPolis . As the suffered insurers declared, g - n Pozdnyakov forced them under the threat of licence withdrawal on OSAGO to conclude agency contracts with this company which did not return to them neither forms, nor money for the sold policies. Charge in frameworks of this criminal case while is shown nobody: law enforcement bodies establish a circle of persons, involved in a situation.

Recently head RSA Pavel Bunin has submitted to resignation also, but it has not been accepted by presidium of the union. In February scandal from - for checkup reforms has inflamed: as delivery of coupons THAT have adhered to delivery of policies OSAGO, in the market there was a collapse. Has warmed up a situation Rosgosstrakh which has thought up from Joint-Stock Company Checkup owning points THAT, the scheme of delivery of policies practically passing procedure THAT (see daily from 10. 02. 12).

at extraordinary general meeting RSA which is planned for March, 20th, Pavel Bunin should re-elect - this question has been brought yesterday in the meeting summons at board meeting and presidium RSA. At general meeting the question on also will be considered, whether to create new structure of presidium or to leave old, on which Rosgosstrakh now has six voices.